CINeration tariff was created especially for young and active persons, who can’t live without communication.

CINeration customers are able to:

  • Call other CINeration subscriber at 2 qepik per minute.
  • Communicate Free within Bakcell network on weekends*
  • Get  huge SMS bundle! 1000 SMS bundle just for 2.99 AZN.
  • Sent SMS/MMS to other CINeration subscribers at 2 qepik per SMS/MMS.
  • Get a daily Internet package of 25 MB for only 5 qepik per day!

To join this tariff dial star138star4hashcall or purchase a new CINeration number from an official Bakcell dealer shop.

  • To get a daily Internet package of 25 MB at 5 qepik per day dial star189star1hashcall .
  • To get 1000 SMS bundle dial star165hash1hashcall . The bundle SMS valid for 30 days and can be used for on-net only.
  • For more detailed information about 1000 SMS bundles send empty SMS to the short number 165 or dial  star165hashcall
  • For more detailed information about CINeration tariff send an empty SMS to 5515 .

* Send an SMS to 2434 to join the campaign free of charge, then top-up balance for 5 AZN during the week days.


Calls among CINeration subscribers 1 minute 0.02
SMS & MMS among CINeration subscribers 0.02
On-net calls 1 minute 0.07
Off-net calls 1 minute 0.07
SMS countrywide 0.03
SMS international 0.06
MMS countrywide 0.03
Check balance 0.01
Call to Center (555) 1 minute 0.02
Internet traffic per 1 MB 0.29
Daily Internet package 25 MB = 0.05 /day
International calls  
Calls to all countries 1 minute

18% VAT inclusive

  • Migration fee – 1 AZN. If you acquire the new SIM (SevimliCIN) and migrate to this tariff the 1st day of activation, migration is free of charge.
  • Charging interval among CINeration – 30 seconds.
  • Countywide charging interval – 15 seconds.
  • Internet charging interval – 40 KB.
  • Charging interval of international calls is 30 seconds

Bakcell subscribers can send and receive MMS messages to/from all mobile operators' subscribers in the country!


  • Subscriptions fee 1 AZN.
  • All CIN subscribers can migrate to this tariff.
  • Charging interval is 10 seconds.
  • CINeration subscribers can get daily Internet package just for 5 qepiks, but not for 10 qepiks.
  • Within this tariff monthly bonus and “Lovely Numbers” service are suspended.
  • If a new subscriber chooses to transfer from SevimliCIN to CINeration the first day of CIN SIM activation, before 00:00, no transfer fee will be charged.
  • To migrate from CINeration tariff to SevinCIN dial star138hash1hashcall (1 AZN)
  • To migrate from CINeration tariff to SevimliCIN dial star138hash2hashcall (1 AZN)
  • To migrate from CINeration tariff to DoğmaCIN dial star138hash5hashcall (1 AZN)
  • To migrate from CINeration tariff to ƏlaCIN dial star138hash7hashcall (1 AZN)
  • To migrate from CINeration tariff to GÜN BOYU 0 dial star138hash9hashcall (1 AZN)
  • To migrate from CINeration tariff to GəlirliCIN dial star138hash3hashcall (1 AZN)
  • To get 1000 SMS bundle dial star165hash1000hashcall or send 1000 via SMS to 165
  • To check balance of 1000 SMS bundle dial star165hash551hashcall or send 551 via SMS to 165
  • To get information about 1000 SMS bundle, dial star165hash559hashcall or send 559 via SMS to 165
  • To overwrite existing bundle dial star165hash1hashcall or send 1 via SMS to 165
  • To deactivate 1000 SMS bundle dial star165hash0hashcall or send 0 via SMS to 165

For more information about CINeration please send empty SMS to 5515 short number.

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