Subscribe to Klass XL tariff and get EVERY MONTH COUNTRYWIDE

  • 250 minutes,
  • 250 SMS &
  • 250 MB !

For subscription dial star215hashcall .

Free minutes provided within the package can’t be used for short numbers.


After expiration of monthly benefits the mobile services prices for Klass XL as follows.

On-net calls - 1 min 0.05
Off-net calls - 1 min 0.08
SMS (countrywide) 0.025
SMS (international) 0.07
MMS (countrywide) 0.05
Internet – 1 MB 0.29
Calls to all countries 1 minute 0.32
Monthly fee 10

All prices are VAT inclusive.

  • On-net and off-net charging interval – 1 second.
  • Internet charging interval – 40 KB.
  • Charging interval of international calls is 30 seconds
  • In case of subscriber doesn’t pay monthly fee his/her calls will be charged according to Klass L tariff prices.


  • Migration from Klass tariffs to any CIN tariffs costs – 5 AZN.
  • Migration from CIN  tariffs to Klass XL is for free. Just dial star215hashcall . Moreover, subscriber will get a discount for the first monthly fee- 5 AZN instead of 10 AZN.In order to activate the migration you should have sufficient funds on your balance to pay monthly fee.
  • To check your remaining Internet traffic just dial star134hash559hashcall .
  • The monthly benefits included in package are valid within 1 month*
  • For more detailed information send SMS with text “XL” to 2220 short number.
  • Klass subscribers with BlackBerry smartphone can activate any BlackBerry Internet packages. If BlackBerry users change their smartphone, they should deactivate recurring BlackBerry Internet package in order to get Klass Internet Package.

* If you activate tariff or pay monthly fee on 29, 30 or 31 of calendar day your monthly fee will be counted from the first day of next month.

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