Free Sür@ Data Kart

and even more Internet!


From now on all Bakcell customers will be able to use the new generation enhanced unlimited Sur@ internet.

Bakcell offers all of its customers the Sur@ DataCard and high-speed mobile Sur@ internet.  Just insert your SIM to the USB modem (DataCard), connect it via USB port to your computer, notebook or any other portative device wherever you are – at hove, on the road or at work and enjoy the high speed mobile internet 24/7.

•    High speed wireless Internet - Bakcell Sur@ Internet will be with you wherever Bakcell network is available.
•    No need to pay for every used MB of Internet.
•    Fast connection – Purchase a Sur@ DataCard and use the Internet right now! No need to call for a specialist a wait for connection.
•    Easy to install – the modem does not require any actions for installation.  Just insert the SIM to the modem, attach it to computer and the settings software will launch automatically.
•    DataCard works with any OS: Windows XP, Vista 7, 8, OSX. Modem interface is available in English, Azerbaijani and Russia.
•    Speed – the modem can operate in 3G and GSM/Edge networks. Data transfer rate in a 3G network may reach 21 Mbit/s.
•    Payment for services- pay for mobile Internet services just as you do for mobile communication.

Suitable for any Internet activity such as using email, watching videos, communication in social networks, downloading music and etc.

You can personally activate your DataCard and purchase various Internet packages:

  • For activating your Sur@ DataCard dial star134hashcall
  • Dial star134star559hashcall   in order to see the remaining traffic before the speed is down.
  • In order to repurchase the Internet package please dial  star134star555hashcall or use your modem interface.


By paying 18 AZN for 3-month Sür@ Internet, you will receive a Sür@ Data Card for FREE! *

After expiration of 3 month the 7.5 GB Internet package will be activated on your balance. You can also choose any other Internet package below.

Sür@ Data Kart Free star134hashcall
3 GB 6 AZN/mon star134star3000hashcall
7.5 GB 9 AZN/mon star134star075hashcall
2x more Internet 9 AZN/mon star134star14hashcall
Unlimited 15 AZN/mon star134star001hashcall

All prices 18% VAT inclusive

For SMS via Data Kart

1 SMS (coutrywide) 0.04
1 SMS (international) 0.07

All prices 18% VAT inclusive


  • 12 GB will be provided for 3 month. After exceeding 12 GB during 3 month you can top-up your balance and continue to use Internet for 0.01 AZN/MB.
  • Fair Usage Policy is applied in order to ensure the comfortable Internet usage. After the traffic quota is reached to 10 GB, the connection speed will drop down to 64kbit/s.
  • Traffic allocated for “2x more Internet” package is 14 Gb. When the traffic volume limit is reached, the Internet connection speed will drop to 64 kbit/s. Traffic allocated for this package can be used from 03:00 to 20:00. Traffic used from 20: 00 to 03:00 will cost 0.01 AZN/Mb and will be deducted from your balance. Previous package will expire as soon as you join the “2x more Internet” package. “2x more Internet” package can be activated on Sür@ SIM cards and Sür@ Data Kart only.
  • After expiration of 3GB and 7.5GB the cost of each 1MB will be 0.01 AZN, and will be deducted from remained funds on balance.
  • In order to repurchase the Internet package please dial  star134hash555hashcall .
  • To check the Internet balance dial star134hash559hashcall .


Sür@ Data Kart receives the GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA network signal and provides you with high-speed Sür@ Internet.

  • Modem does not require any data for installation. Just insert SIM card, connect to laptop and installation will start automatically.
  • To activate Bakcell Data Kart just dial star134hashcall .
  • Purchasing Sür@ Data Kart you will be subscribed to unlimited monthly package automatically. You can subscribe to monthly 3GB traffic dialing star134hash3000hashcall .
  • Purchasing Sür@ Data Kart you will be subscribed to unlimited monthly package automatically. You can subscribe to monthly 7.5GB traffic dialing star134hash075hashcall .
  • To activate the  “2x more Internet” package, dial  star134hash14hashcall or sent   14 to   5934 via SMS.
  • To subscribe to monthly unlimited Internet again dial star134hash001hashcall .
  • In order to repurchase the Internet package please dial  star134hash555hashcall or send 555 via SMS to 5934 .
  • In order to install Sür@ Data Kart software manually please download installation from HERE (Model - MF190A) (Model - MF631 ).


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