Bakcell presents new concept store in Baku


Bakcell opened a brand new concept store in the center of Baku, near the Narimanov metro station. For convenience of the customers, this store was designed in the most innovative “one-stop” concept, combining the sales of accessories with customer care functions.

The main idea of this new Bakcell shop, located at the address of Tabriz 108, is to be closer to the customer. The shop was designed in accordance with the renewed brand guidelines of Bakcell, using customer-oriented approach, allowing the combination of design and branding to create a warm atmosphere for the visitors.

The absence of partitions between the customer and consultant, simple zoning of the interior provides the visitor with easy access to information and communication with store employees. The new shop offers all the products and services of Bakcell, along with the telephone accessories. Moreover, the visitors will enjoy the convenience of Bakcell customer care center right at this shop.

“We are working hard to make services and products of Bakcell even more accessible and convenient for our customers living in Baku and all other regions of Azerbaijan, and today, we are pleased to present our brand new concept store in the center of Baku. The whole service process here is built on the principle of "customer is at the heart of everything". It is called customer-centric approach, and we are the one of the first companies to implement it in Azerbaijan. Our plan is to provide even more convenience to our customers by implementing a systematic digitalization of our business. Interaction with customers should be digitized to make it smoother and more convenient, and we have already proved that by launching our “My Bakcell” mobile application” said Bakcell CCO Reinhard Zuba.

At the new shop, the customers will be greeted by the best-trained employees who are friendly, sincerely ready to help customers with all the issues related to mobile communication services.

Moreover, within the frames of a special campaign, Bakcell will provide a 20% discount for all the accessories, available at the shop, in the period of one week after the opening.

In order to bring its best customer experience the fastest mobile internet in the country even closer to residents of all the regions of Azerbaijan, Bakcell will continue working on expanding the coverage of its telecommunications network and customer service and sales network across the whole country. The company plans to open several more own shops by the end of this year.


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