Bakcell Stars

Being one of the largest players of Azerbaijani telecommunications industry, Bakcell is proud to perform its functions as a responsible corporate citizen of the country. CSR strategy of Bakcell is implemented in two main areas of activity: integration of children with need for special care into the society and the education of youth.
Bakcell believes that the company plays an important role in making all children believe, that they are equal members of the society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of Bakcell, which was initiated in the year 2009 under the name of “Bakcell Stars”, has a very simple and sincere purpose: to help children with need for special care. By means of its CSR policy,

Bakcell stars: Hər bir uşaq ulduzdur

Bakcell gives hope to children with physical and emotional disabilities, and their families all over Azerbaijan. In this mission, we work together with organizations famous for their successful projects aimed at children with special needs all over the world, such as “Save the Children”, “SOS Children’s Villages”, “United Aid for Azerbaijan” and “Social Services Initiatives”.
The purpose of the Educational program, which is a second direction of our CSR strategy, is to bring young people closer to the world of Information and Communication Technology, increase their knowledge and experience in this field, and support young personnel with a potential to gain success in the country’s telecommunications industry. Bakcell understands the importance of preparing professional ICT specialists, in order to meet the growing demands of this innovative sector. Therefore we significantly invest into training and career development of youth, which is our social responsibility contribution aimed at the future of our society. The biggest partner of Bakcell in this area is JAA Azerbaijan. Moreover, Bakcell implements graduate projects and cooperates with a number of leading universities of our country.