Bakcell Free Wi-Fi

When you purchase Internet package you will have free access to Bakcell Wi-Fi.

Bakcell Free Wi-Fi service is available to all Bakcell subscribers, MNP subscribers and visitors with foreign numbers who are using Bakcell network. There are no other requirements for using the Wi-Fi service. If you have Bakcell Internet package on your balance you can benefit from Free Wi-Fi during a day.
Bakcell Free Wi-Fi service is available in many different locations: restaurants, hotels, cafes, parks and even Taxi cars (189 Taxi service).

Terms and conditions

  1. To start using service you should connect to Bakcell_Free_WiFi access point name when discovered by your device in Wi-Fi menu.
  2., available with no authentication.
  3. After you made authentication on landing page, you have free access to Internet for 1 HOUR. After 1 hour, you will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi network. To re-establish your Internet connection, you need to log-in again on landing page.
  4. Passwords are reusable during the day.
  5. You Internet connection speed is limited to 2 Mbps
  6. Adult content (18+) websites are blocked so Bakcell Wi-Fi network is secure for use by children.
  7. Subscribers who doesn’t have Internet package will be able to use Bakcell Free Wi-Fi for 15 minutes.
  8. All Klass and Business subscriber who paid monthly fee can get access to Bakcell Wi-Fi in more than 200 points in Baku and surf Internet for free.

For instruction on how to connect, please see “Connection” tab.

  1. Connect to Bakcell_Free_Wi-Fi Access Point (select in Wi-Fi menu).
  2. You will be automatically redirected to the Landing Page.
  3. Submit your telephone number in 994XXXXXXXXX format on the Landing page, click “Get password”, and wait for the text message.
  4. Use the password from SMS and enter in in the “Your Password” box and press, “Log in”.
  5. You receive Free Wi-Fi access from Bakcell for 1 hour. After that, if you wish to continue browsing, the procedure should be repeated, log-in again.
  6. Your password is valid during the day.

Wi-Fi coverage in Baku city

  • "AF" Hotel (Novkhani)
  • "Anar" café
  • "Arena" Sport Bar
  • "Arpacay" cafe
  • "Asya Turk" restaurant
  • "Atropat" Hotel (Old City)
  • "Azi Club" cafe
  • "Bashkent" restaurant
  • "Bibi" cafe
  • "Cafe Park" (Musabekov park)
  • "Cafe Park" (Olimp)
  • "Cafe Plaza"
  • "Cinar" restaurant
  • "Delestan" restaurant
  • "Deniz Feneri" сafe
  • "Darya Balıq Evi" restaurant (Shikhov Sanatorium)
  • "Darya" Çay house
  • "Darya" cafe
  • "Diana" restaurant
  • "Dord Yol" Tea House
  • "Dostum" cafe
  • "Dubrar" Tea House
  • "Eleven" restaurant
  • "Elince Galasi" kafe
  • "Еn Dadlı" cafe
  • "Favorit" Market Yasamal
  • "Favorit" market 9-mcd
  • "Faxrali" cafe
  • "Flame Club&Lounge"
  • "Hakari" restaurant
  • "Halab lahmacun"
  • "Hazin Lounge"
  • International Medical Center
  • "Karvan" сafe
  • "Old Baku" restaurant
  • "La Terrase" restaurant
  • "Lavazza" café
  • "Lyuks" Tea House
  • "Meh" restaurant
  • "Meridian" Hotel (Old City)
  • "Nаrgiz" restaurant
  • "Niagara" restaurant
  • "Oba Lahmachun" café
  • "Pak Dad" restaurant (28 Mall)
  • "Palm" café (Bulvar)
  • "Pilləkən" restaurant
  • "Pinkhouse" cafe
  • "Pitsop" restaurant (Sahil)
  • "Pitstop" restaurant (Yasamal)
  • "Premyer Club" Lounge
  • "Gabala" cafe
  • "Hotel Maiden" Tower
  • "Ramada" Hotel (Shikhov)
  • "Sport" сafе (Park Bulvar)
  • "Tongal" restaurant
  • "Ulduz" restaurant
  • "Villa Pizza" (Istiqlaliyyat street)
  • "Xingal House" restaurant
  • "Yanardag" сafe
  • "Yashil Tala" restaurant
  • 189 Taxi
  • "20ci Daira" cafe
  • Bakcell Customer Service Center (20 Yanvar)
  • Bakcell dealer shop (4 mkd Asif Maharramli)
  • 8km H. H.Аliyev Park
  • "Ailavi Istirahat Merkezi" restaurant
  • Bakcell Customer Service Center (Asan 1)
  • Ataturk Park
  • Avtoservisin yanı (Wellington Heights Hotel)
  • Axundov Garden
  • Bus Station (Azadlig ave.)
  • Azerbaijan State Economic University
  • Bus Station (Azerbaijan State Publishing House)
  • Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
  • Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction
  • Azerbaycan Technical University #1
  • Azerbaycan Technical University #2
  • Azerbaijan Medical university
  • Bakcell Azure office
  • Bakcell dealer shop (9 mkd.,S.S.Axundov)
  • Bakcell dealer shop (Azadlig avenue)
  • Bakcell dealer shop (Fizuli street 73)
  • Bakcell dealer shop (Mehmandarov str.,38)
  • Bakcell Port Baku office
  • Medical colleage #1
  • Botanical Garden
  • Bakcell dealer shop (Bul bul ave.,30)
  • Seaside Boulevard (near Clock Tower)
  • Seaside Boulevard (near Park Bulvar)
  • Central Department Store
  • Bakcell dealer shop (Javadkhan str.,1)
  • "Deniz Feneri" café
  • Bakcell Customer Service Center (Ahmadli)
  • Hand Games Palace
  • Bakcell Customer Service Center (Elmler Akademiyası)
  • Park Academy
  • "Favorit" market 7-mcd
  • Fountains Square #1
  • Fountains Square #2
  • Fountains Square #3
  • Bakcell dealer shop (Fizuli str.,77)
  • Bakcell Customer Service Center (Fizuli Meydani)
  • Bus Station (Ganjlk metrostation)
  • Sightseeing Bus
  • Bakcell dealer shop (Guneshli district D7)
  • Bus Station (Haqverdiyev str.)
  • Heydar Aliyev Park
  • Hiss Club
  • Huseyn Cavid Park
  • Bus Station (Inshaatchilar metrostation)
  • KFC 28 May
  • Khazar Businessen beach
  • Bakcell Customer Service Center (M.Еcemi)
  • Malakan garden
  • Bus Station (Mahammed Araz str.)
  • Central Railway Station
  • Bakcell dealer shop (Metro Ganjlik)
  • National Park
  • Monolit building
  • Mugan Park
  • Musabeyov Park
  • Narimanov Park #1
  • Narimanov Park #2
  • Bakcell Customer Service Center (Neftсhiler)
  • Bakcell Customer Service Center (Nerimanov)
  • Nizami street, Vatan Cinema
  • "Torgovy" (Nizami str.)
  • Bus Station (Nizami metrostation)
  • Bus №77
  • "Pivnushka" cafe
  • Bakcell dealer shop (Pushkin street.16)
  • Qara Qarayev avenue Bakcell dealer shop
  • Winter garden #1
  • Winter garden #2
  • Winter garden #3
  • Maiden's Tower area
  • Qoşa Qala area
  • Gosha Gala (Old City)
  • Governor garden
  • Rikhard Zorge Park
  • S.Vurgun Park
  • Bakcell Customer Service Center (Sahil)
  • Sahil Park
  • Bus Station (Chess center)
  • Bus Station (Samed Vurgun str.)
  • Shakhriyar Park
  • Sumgayit H.Аliyev Park
  • Bakcell Customer Service Center (Sumqayıt Azadlig)
  • Bakcell Customer Service Center (Sumqayıt Sulh)
  • "Tarihi Sultan Ahmed" restaurant (Metropark)
  • "Tarihi Sultan Ahmed" restaurant (A.Alizadeh str.)
  • Bakcell dealer shop (Tebriz street 95)
  • Phone Shop (İstiqlaliyyat str.)
  • Bus Station (Technical University)
  • UNS theater
  • "Villa Pizza" restaurant (28 Mall)
  • "Villa Pizza" restaurant (Metropark)
  • Bakcell dealer shop (Xaqani str.,35)
  • Xaqani Park #1
  • Xaqani Park #2
  • Green Theatre
  • Heydar Aliyev international airport Terminal 1
  • Officers garden
  • "Palm" cafe
  • "Zor Bulag" cafe
  • "Bizim" cafe
  • "Gartal" cafe