Call Me

Your balance is getting low? You have run out of your CIN balance? You need a callback? Don't worry! You can keep talking! With new features of “Call Me” service you can send request to any mobile operator’s number in Azerbaijan. Your friends, family members or colleagues will receive an SMS with your mobile number in “Sender” field which will help them to identify your request and to make easy redial to you.

To send a “Call Me” request to

A Bakcell customers:

  • Just dial star103star 055 , your friend’s 7-digit Bakcell number and hashcall .

  • Customers of other mobile operators:

    • star103star055 XXXXXXX hashcall

    • star103star051 XXXXXXX hashcall

    • star103star070 XXXXXXX hashcall

    • star103star077 XXXXXXX hashcall

    • star103star040 XXXXXXX hashcall

Bakcell will send to your friend free SMS with “Call Me” request.

You may use “Call Me” function up to five times a day. In order to send a “Call Me” request your current credit balance must have 3 qepiks or less.

This function is also available while you are travelling abroad with roaming. However, while being abroad in roaming, you won’t be able to receive calls, if you have no money on your account (since incoming calls are charged while you are in roaming, too), but this way your friends will know that you are on zero balance and will be able to top-up your balance.