Entertaining “Voice Transformer” service

It would be so much fun to talk to your friends with a changed voice!

You’ve certainly had those moments, when you needed to change your voice. Now you have a great opportunity to easily change your voice while communicating. Use “Voice transformer” service of Bakcell and trick your friends by changing your voice beyond recognition.

Just dial *1* before any called number (for example: *1*ХХХXXXXXXX YES, where ХХХXXXXXXX is a subscriber’s 10 digit number).

In response, you will receive an option to choose a voice. After choosing a voice, you will be connected to called person immediately, and as soon as you start talking, you’ll be speeking in a chosen voice.

There are few different voices for you:
Ghost voice,
Maniac voice,
Police voice,
Hamster voice,
Clown voice,
Baby voice.
During conversation dial the button 7 on your phone and get back to your original voice.


  • Only Bakcell customers can use this service.
  • The service fees are 0.12 AZN per minute and daily 0.12 AZN. These prices also includes relevant calling fee under your relevant tariff.
  • This service cannot be used in roaming and for international calls.