Frequently asked questions

Where can I get information about the Melomania codes?

You can get information about the Melomania codes by calling 606, 2525 or (012/055) 4920058, or by visiting wap/ webpage

Is it possible to set other operator’s or a foreign operator’s number as a Lovely Number number?

Only Bakcell numbers can be set as Lovely Number.

How can I load a damaged money card?

In order to load a damaged card, you’ll need to visit one of the Customer Service Centers and bring the damaged card with you.

How can I find out which CIN tariff I’m using?

Please dial *138#YES in order to find out which tariffs is used on your number.

Are all prices VAT inclusive?

Yes, all prices are VAT inclusive and have net prices.

How can I find out who’s calling me by means of CLIR service?

If someone is bothering you by means of CLIR service, please apply to a police station responsible for your particular district. Only police authorities are authorized to take relevant measures.

How can I check whether my telephone’s IMEI code has been registered or not?

In order to check whether your phone’s IMEI has been registered or not, you can send the IMEI code to 1677. The service fee is 0.30 AZN; or, you can visit and check it.

How can I restore PIN/PUK codes if I’ve lost them?

Dear customer, you shall be able to get information about PIN/PUK codes by calling 555 (short number of Bakcell Customer Service) or visiting a Customer Service Office of Bakcell. Please note that you’ll have to provide the ID card of the number’s official owner;

  • If you wish to learn this information by calling the Customer Care, you’ll be required to provide all the information related to document, to which the number was registered upon purchase, otherwise, the information will not be provided.
  • If you’d like to get information by visiting the Customer Service office, please bring the ID document of the number’s official owner.

Note: If the number is registered to your name, the PIN/PUK codes will be provided to you; otherwise you’ll not be provided with codes after your phone is unlocked.

I would like to order a number.

Unfortunately, we do not have a service for number ordering. In order to purchase a new number, you can visit one of the Customer Service Offices or Official Dealer Points of Bakcell.

Is it possible to use bonuses provided within Klass tariffs for calls made or SMS sent to other countries?

NO, bonuses are provided for countrywide use only.

How can I set the SMS center number in an iPhone handset?

In order to set the SMS center number in an iPhone handset you’ll have to dial **5005*7672*+994557070707#YES. In order to check the SMS center number please dial *#5005*7672#YES

Is it possible to get details for incoming calls?

Call details are provided only for outgoing calls, SMS messages and general usage information. Text of SMS messages is not reflected. In order to get call details printout, the number has to be registered to your name and you’ll need to provide your ID document as a proof.

Can another person acquire call details for number which is registered to my name?

No one can acquire this information except the official number owner. For issuance of call details, the number should be actually registered to your name, and you’ll have to present your ID documents in order to prove it.

Which documents are required for duplicate issuance?

In order to get a number duplicate, you’ll need to provide ID (local ID card or national passport for Azerbaijani citizens; Temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit or national passport for foreign citizens).

If I’ve lost my number, how can I block it?

You’ll need to contact Bakcell Call Center (by calling 555) and block your number by providing information from ID document of the number’s official owner (if the number has been purchased by means of this document). Moreover, the number’s official owner may apply to one of Bakcell Customer Service centers and block the number by providing the ID document.

Is it possible to make calls by using number provided within Sür@ Data Card?

Number provided with Sür@ Data Card can be used only for Internet, SMS and MMS services.

Is it possible to switch a number provided within Sür@ Data Card to ordinary CIN number for using?

It is impossible to change the tariff plan of number provided with Sür@ Data Card.

How can I get a list of all numbers registered to my name?

In order to get a list of all numbers registered to your name, you’ll need to visit one of Bakcell Customer Service Centers with your ID document, and fill-out an application form.

What is 3G?

3G (Third Generation) mobile communication technologies is a set of services, which combines the high speed mobile Internet access, as well as the radio-communication technology, that creates a data transmission channel. Third Generation mobile communication is based on package data transmission. 3G networks use the decimetric range frequencies, usually around 2GHz. They allow establishing video conferences, watching movies and TV broadcasts on a mobile phone and etc.

How can I activate 3G?

In order to benefit from 3G connection subscribers need to have 3G capable mobile handsets. Your mobile device is connected to the 3G network through its SIM card. Through that, you get connected to the Internet. Successful 3G access will be performed by selecting “UMTS” or “3G mode only” on the 3G capable handsets.

Does my device support 3G?

Most smart phones have 3G functionality. 3G enabled phones commonly have two cameras. You can call 555- the Bakcell Call Center, or visit the nearest Bakcell-IM, Customer Care Center and official dealer shop and our customer service representatives will gladly help you to find out whether you mobile handset is 3G capable.

How can I manually activate 3G on my mobile handset?

If your mobile device is not automatically connected to the network, you can do it manually. Below are settings for various operations systems:

3G phone settings: IPhone OS:

Settings -> General-> Network –Enable 3G (ON)

3G phone settings: Blackberry OS

Manage Connections-> Network and Connections->Mobile Networks->Network Mode -> 3G

3G phone settings: Nokia S6

Settings->Phone->Network-> Network Mode ->UMTS

3G phone settings: Android OS

Settings-> Wireless and Networks-> Mobile Networks-> Network Mode ->WCDMA only

Settings-> Wireless and Networks-> Mobile Networks-> Use Packet Data

What new services will I be able to use with 3G?

3G technologies allow offering more advanced services besides voice. These services are video and data all in the mobile environment – high speed internet, video calls, mobile TV, etc. By means of 3G technology, the subscribers will be able to use such services as video call and high speed mobile internet. More services based on high-speed data transmission, such as mobile TV, 3G video camera, etc. will be launched later on.

What is the speed of internet with 3G?

Internet access via 3G with “megabyte” speed is able to satisfy the most demanding internet users. With 3G technology, you get to enjoy data transmission speed leading up to 28Mbps, considering that you have a phone in stationary mode. Data transmission speed depends on number of users and the distance to a base station: the more users are currently being served in the network and the further away the subscriber is from a base station, the lower will be the data transmission speed.

What is a video call?

“Video call” is a service allowing the transmission of the voice and video simultaneously. By means of this service, the subscribers will be able to hear and see each other at the same time. Not all mobile handsets support video calling. Most popular mobile devices with video call functionality are Nokia, Samsung. IPhone and HTC do not support video calls.

How do I make video call?

Video Calling each other is as simple voice calling. Just dial. The only difference is you press the Video Call button instead of the voice call button. When you and the called subscriber both have 3G mobiles, then hold your mobile in front of you, and watch your screen.

What is the price for video calls?

Video calls will cost the same as voice call. There will be no extra charge for a video call. At this point, there is no change in “pay as you go” internet price also.

Is it possible to make video call to the numbers of other mobile operators?

To make video call to the numbers of other mobile operators, both the calling and the call receiving subscribers should both support 3G technology; equipped with 3G phones supporting video calls and have built-in cameras for video calls. Then all you need to do is:

1) Select someone from your phone contact list.

2) Click Start a Video Call

3) When the called number accepts, the video call begins.

I am using iPhone 4. After activating 3G on my handset, 3G sign appears on the screen; I can enjoy high-speed mobile internet, however I cannot make video calls.

Video call is one of the most exciting services in 3G standard, making the simultaneous transmission of video and voice possible. However, some mobile phone including iPhone devices do not support video call services. Therefore, it is possible to use the video call function on an iPhone by installing special applications. There is a special application named “Face Time” developed for iPhone 4. This application may be used for video calls in Apple devices only. Please note that you will need a Wi-Fi internet connection to enjoy video calls on iPhone devices through this or any other application.

In order to use internet on 3G network, do I need to change my internet settings on the phone?

You do not have to change the settings on your 3G compatible device for accessing the internet. Telephone can work with current settings in existing GSM network and in 3G network as well.

If I do not want to use 3G, can I disconnect from the network?

You can disconnect from 3G network anytime you want. Be aware that returning back to 2G network will require returning the selected network mode to “GSM” or “2G only”.

What should I do if face problems, as no ability to perform an outgoing call, no ability to receive an incoming call, no ability to send/receive SMS?

This might happen because the 3G technology are in test mode, in that case switch back to “2G only” (GSM). If a subscriber has dual mode on his device (both 2G and 3G are active), pop-up messages, such as “SOS”, “No Network Coverage”, “Emergency Calls Only” may appear, in this case the subscriber should switch network mode to “2G only” .

Is 3G available for all Bakcell customers, including CIN, Klass & Business?

All Bakcell customers will be able to benefit from the advantages of 3G technology. All they need to have is 3G enabled mobile handset.

What is the 3G coverage area?

3G Bakcell services are available in all cities of Azerbaijan (excluding occupied territories).

Are video call and 3G internet working while roaming?

3G technologies will work in networks of roaming partners that have 3G networks and Bakcell has launched data/GPRS roaming and 3G. The subscribers with UMTS/HSDPA enabled mobile phones can register in 3G compatible networks of Bakcell’s roaming partners, and use the roaming services in a regular mode. For the internet access in 3G networks in roaming, the traffic is being calculated in accordance with the existing tariffs for roaming data transmission services. Availability of 3G in roaming depends on capabilities of your selected roaming partner. The Video call service in roaming is currently unavailable. The list of Bakcell roaming partners with available 3G is HERE.