Get doubled balance

Bakcell doubles your balance and offers twice more opportunity for your comfortable communication.

  • You can receive doubled sum of the amount on your balance as a bonus.
  • Just dial star525hashcall and be noted what sum you can double.
  • All requests mentioned above are free of charge.

This campaign will start on 2.02.2016.


  • After dialing star525hashcall you will receive SMS. The SMS will include information about special terms regarding to your number. After dialing star525star1hashcall the charged amount from your main balance will be increased in twice and loaded back on your bonus balance..
  • The bonus is valid for 7 days and can be used for countrywide calls and SMS.
  • During the campaign you can benefit from this opportunity many times. This campaign is for all CIN subscribers.
  • Doubled bonus balance can’t be spent to purchase Internet and SMS packages, for SMS and calls to short number as well as for international calls and SMS.
  • Money transfer from doubled bonus balance to number of another Bakcell subscriber is not available.