“Paylaşılan” shared

Do you use few mobile devises and purchase separate Internet package per each device? From now on you can purchase 1 “Paylaşılan” package and share your Internet with 4 of your Bakcell friends and family members, wherever they might be! Just activate shared package and add four numbers.

Volume of packagePricePeriodActivation
800 MB 7 AZ 30 days Call to 555 or visit any Customer Care Centre
2 GB 10 AZN 30 days
5 GB 15 AZN 30 days
10 GB 22 AZN 30 days
15 GB 30 AZN 30 days
30 GB 45 AZN 30 days
  • “Paylaşılan” package will be activated during 24 hours after request. After activation you will receive SMS.
  • Every connection of mobile number to “Paylaşılan” package costs 0.50 AZN.
  • After traffic on package consumed, all subscribers connected to “Paylaşılan” package will continue to use Internet, but the cost of each 1MB will be 0.05 AZN, and will be deducted from remained funds on balance of each subscribers.
  • At most 5 numbers (1 your number + 4 connected number) CIN, Klass or Sür@ Internet number can be connected to this package.
  • To check balance dial star133star559hashcall .
  • SMS notification about totally consumed traffic of the package will be delivered to owner of shared package.
  • Any Bakcell subscriber who has Internet package on balance can get access to Bakcell Wi-Fi in more than 200 points in Baku and surf Internet for free.
  • After unsubscribing of any Internet package, remaining volume allowance in the package will be removed as well.

If customer unsubscribes from any active bundles or if they subscribe to a different bundle or if the bundle period is expired, remaining volume allowance in that bundle will be deleted.