Klass Professional

Klass Professional – the more you talk, the more value you get!

Klass Professional tariff best suites those who would like to stay in control, and are smart to enjoy freedom of talking at beneficial price.

Advantages of this tariff:

  • 5 lovely numbers at the price of just 0.02 AZN per minute with SMS price of just 0.01 AZN.
  • Off-net calls per minute is 0.105 AZN.
  • SMS price is just for 0.025 AZN.
  • Charging by seconds.

And on top of this:

  • 250 free SMS every month (within the country).
  • 250 MB free Internet traffic every month.
  • Free calls to Voice Mail and to Bakcell information center.

08:00-00:00 AZN 00:00-08:00 AZN
Calls to “Lovely Numbers” – per minute 0.02 0.02
SMS to “Lovely Numbers” 0.01 0.01
On-net calls – per minute 0.06 0.032
Off-net calls – per minute 0.105 0.105
Calls to all countries 1 minute 0.32 0.32
Calls to voice mail service 0 0
SMS (countrywide) 0.025 0.025
SMS (International) 0.073 0.073
MMS (countrywide) 0.08 0.08
Calls to Call Center 0 0
SMS to Call Center 0.025 0.025
Internet traffic – 1 MB 0.29
Monthly fee 4.99

All prices are VAT inclusive.

Charging interval of international calls is 30 seconds

  • When purchasing new Klass number you are immediately subscribed to Klass Professional tariff.
  • Migration between Klass tariffs is free of charge.
  • To check your current subscription just dial star139hashcall .
  • To check your remaining Internet traffic just dial star134hash559hashcall .
  • To get information about the rules of using the “Lovely Numbers” services dial star109hash4hashcall
  • For more information send SMS to 5520 short number.
  • To migrate from Klass tariff to CIN tariff your number should be active for at least 3 months. To realize the migration you should come to the Bakcell Customer Care Centers or Bakcell-IM Sales and Service Points.