Now you’ll be engaged in Melomania!

Let the people calling you listen to your music
Instead of the standard ring tone, entertain your callers with a tune from the Melomania list. Choose tunes that your family members and friends like.

1 tune costs 1 AZN (VAT inclusive)

If you have not got sufficient funds on balance to activate or renew Melomania tune for 30 days, you can activate the service for shorter period by spending less amount. Even if your funds lower than 1 AZN you still can benefit from Melomania. Below mentioned amounts is enough to activate the service accordingly:

  • 1 AZN for 30 days
  • 0.50 AZN for 15 days
  • 0.25 AZN for 7 days
  • 0.10 AZN for 3 days
  • 0.01 AZN for 1 day.

Activation of service only for 14, 7 or 3 days is not available. After dialing the code the service will be activated automatically for appropriate period in accordance to existed funds on your balance.

Set a Melomania tune
1. To order, you will need to note down the song code for the tune you want
2. Dial star606star , then enter the Melomania code you want, followed by hashcall .

In addition, you may use the following services of “Melomania”:

  • Dial star606star111hashcall to temporary suspend your “Melomania” service
  • Dial star606star112hashcall to restore your “Melomania” service (to cancel the suspension)
  • Dial star606star114hashcall to stop prolongation of your “Melomania” service for another month.
  • Dial star606star113hashcall to receive a Help SMS message for “Melomania” service.
  • To deactivate Melomania service dial star606star116hashcall

You can also order by SMS
1. Enter your favourite Melomania song code as your text message and send to 606
2. You will receive a reply SMS confirming your Melomania order

Additional Services:

  • Send 111 to 606 short number to temporary suspend your “Melomania” service.
  • Send 112 to 606 short number to restore your “Melomania” service (to cancel the suspension).
  • Send 113 to 606 short number to receive a Help SMS message for “Melomania” service.
  • Send 114 to 606 short number to stop prolongation of “Melomania” service for another month.
  • Send TOP10 to 606 short number to get the list for most popular music tracks.

Let the people calling you listen to your music
Replace a standard calling signal with music tunes for each person calling you. To set up different tunes, call 606 short number and follow given instructions.

Changing the language
You can get familiar with Melomania service info in your preferred language. Just call 606 and follow the instructions.

To change the language please dial from your phone:

  • star154star1hashcall – for Azerbaijani
  • star154star2hashcall - for Russian
  • star154star3hashcall – for English

Call to 606 number
By calling this short number you will enter the special Melomania portal. In this portal you can search, listen, choose, purchase music tunes. Also, you’ll be able to change your settings.
To obtain any information regarding Melomania service you can call 606 short number, dial star606hashcall on your phone.

For CIN, Klass and BUSINESS subscribers
Cost of 30 days “Melomania” usage 1 AZN
Cost of 15 days “Melomania” usage 0.50 AZN
Cost of 7 days “Melomania” usage 0.25 AZN
Cost of 3 days “Melomania” usage 0.10 AZN
Cost of 1 day “Melomania” usage 0.03 AZN