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    Bakcell announces change in management

    Bakcell, the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan, informs that Ms. Ineke Botter finished her assignment as the CEO of the company. Bakcell Chief Commercial Officer and spokesman of the company Mr. Krasimir Genov says that a Management Committee was set up by the Board of Directors on an interim basis to lead the company ahead. The company also welcomes Mr. Yigit Berktash as the new Chief Technical Officer. Mr. Berktash is a technical executive with broad experience in all aspects of telecommunications. Bakcell was established in 1994 and became the first company to provide mobile communications services in Azerbaijan. With significant investments in the network development, Bakcell now covers more than 95% of the population and 82% of the land area of the country. The number of active Bakcell subscribers has reached 2.5 million. For more information about Bakcell products and services, please call 555. If you are not a Bakcell subscriber, but wish to find out about Bakcell and its services, please call 055 000 05 55.