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    Bakcell offers two tariffs for Klass customers

    Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, continues to bring more advantages and unique opportunities to its Klass family. Now the Klass customers can opt for one of two packages allowing them to take advantage of a “Klass 7” and “Klass Professional” with very attractive pricing. Bakcell Klass 7 customers are charged per call of unlimited duration*. For calls to 7 Lovely Numbers the charge is 2 qepiks per call only. With the successful launch of 3G services, Bakcell offers additional benefits to Klass 7 customers, after daily 1 AZN usage of Internet they receive unlimited** Internet traffic gift for the same. Bakcell used to offers 250 free SMS and 50 MB free Internet browsing monthly for Klass Professional customers. With the successful 3G launch Bakcell increases existing bonus to 250 MB. Bakcell uses all resources to adequately respond to the needs and expectations of the customers. The Klass tariff was designed to suit the needs of those customers who want to stay in control and lead an active social and professional life. Klass creates opportunities for staying close with colleagues and friends, travel with preferential roaming options, and always remain at the forefront with great opportunities Klass tariff provides. To become a Klass customer, all is needed is to visit one of the Bakcell branded shops, obtain a Klass number and join any of the Klass tariffs that best suit your needs. Bakcell currently operates more than 220 service and sales points all across the country serving customers in Baku, and the regions. Bakcell Customer Service Agents and dealers at these shops will delightfully help customers make the best choice of their mobile communication. For more information about other Bakcell services and products, please call 555. If you are not a Bakcell subscriber, but wish to find out about Bakcell and its services, please call 055 0000 555 * Maximum duration of call is set at 1 hour. ** Unlimited Internet – 1GB.