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    Bakcell’s is waiting other mobile operators to launch MNP

    Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and The Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, informs that requests of subscribers of other operators who want to port in Bakcell network are not able to be implemented due to other mobile operators which have not launched MNP yet. The service should be supported by other mobile operators in order to be able to implement port in process.   Bakcell is pleased to be the first mobile operator launching Mobile Number Portability (MNP) process on August 1, 2013, on the date defined by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies. Currently, Bakcell is registering port-in requests of subscribers of other mobile operators, but MNP process requires the readiness and interaction of all operators, which is not the case right now. Therefore, Bakcell offers subscribers willing to join its network to submit the pre-registration application at this stage. As soon as the MNP is launched by all parties involved in the process, Bakcell will contact those subscribers via e-mail or phone with its best MNP tariff offer. Both individual and corporate customers can fill out pre-registration form and get more detailed information about MNP and how to port existing number in Bakcell network at Bakcell’s service centers and online at special web page. Bakcell was also the first company starting preparation for the introduction of MNP by implementing the new 10-digit dialing and by applying 055 prefix before the number for making on-net calls in the beginning of 2012. Bakcell is confident that the launch of MNP will increase competition in the Azerbaijani mobile communications market. *** About Bakcell Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan offers a variety of products for modern mobile communications customers.  Bakcell provides class leading 3G mobile internet experience in the country under the Sür@ brand name. As one of the largest national non-oil investors, Bakcell today continues making large investments in the economy of Azerbaijan through its investments in state-of-the-art telecommunication technology and its people who service our customers. Bakcell’s network covers more than 99% of the population and 92% of the land area of the country (excluding occupied territories). Bakcell is a leader in innovation and it focuses on bringing the best of the mobile internet to Azerbaijanis through new partnerships and its Sür@ services. With 257 retail outlets and 7 Customer Service Centers operating 24x7 Bakcell provides the best customer experience to its customers.