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    Bakcell’s new “Sharks Mobile” Dealer Shop has opened

    Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator of Azerbaijan stays committed to its philosophy of “Getting closer” to subscribers and has presented a new “Sharks Mobile” dealer shop in the center of Baku. This shop, located at the address of Nizami 48, will provide a full range of services for Cin, Klass and Gold subscribers. The distinctive feature of this shop is its modern exterior and interior, as well as the range of offered services. By visiting the new shop, Bakcell customers will be able to test new models of tablets and telephones. “Sharks Mobile” will provide Bakcell customers with a possibility to purchase telephones, notebooks and tablets on 6 months credit with no down payment. Moreover, the customers will be able to easily benefit from this opportunity by simply presenting their ID documents.  A surprise is waiting for customers purchasing a new phone with Bakcell number from the store. Thus, they will receive a coupon for drawing, which will be held on every Saturday. Every week one lucky customer will win a Nokia X6 with Bakcell number. Bakcell brings another first to Azerbaijan together with Sharks Mobile; the shop is also equipped with a “touch screen” monitor.  By means of this monitor, the customers will be able to search for their desired mobile number. After the search, the customer’s desired or similar numbers will be shown on the screen. In line with modern technology, and for the first time in Azerbaijan, one of the shop’s windows has a “touch screen foil” manufactured by British technology. It is a regular glass with a sensor-screen function, working via special film. Through this monitor, Bakcell will be able to integrate its internet page with certain dealer shop and service centers’ windows. This technology will be active for 24 hours, allowing the customers to use the company’s official website to read the new issues of “055” magazine, make online payments, get information on new tariffs and campaigns and send free SMS messages. In the near future, Bakcell will provide its customers with a possibility to use the “touch screen foil” to connect online with Bakcell Information Centers through Skype. We also need to mention, that customers who will visit the shop during the first three days after its opening will receive various gifts. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Visit the new shop of Bakcell and enjoy the novelties. For more information about products and services of Bakcell, please call 555. If you are not a Bakcell subscriber, but wish to find out about Bakcell and its services, please call 055 000 05 55