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    Pay online on HESAB.AZ with a Master Card and get bonus minutes from Bakcell!

    Within the frames of the partnership with Master Card, Bakcell – the First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet Provider in Azerbaijan launches a special campaign for its subscribers, who use the online-payment services on website. From now on, Bakcell subscribers will get additional BONUS minutes when making online payments on by means of their Master Cards. The rules of this campaign are very simple:   Select Master Card for making an online Payment on; Type your Bakcell number in the box that pops-out before making the payment. If the inserted number is in CIN tariff, bonus minutes are automatically loaded to the balance of the number. In case the number is in Klass or Gold tariff, the bonus minutes are sent to the subscriber as a 10-digit code and that code may be passed as a gift to any other CIN number. To get these bonus minutes, the CIN subscriber shall send the said code to 5555. The bonus minutes vary depending on the amount of online payment. Bakcell payments: Amount On-net Bonus minutes 5  -  9.99 manat 10 minutes 10  -  14.99 manat 20 minutes 15  -  19.99 manat 30 minutes 20 -  24.99 manat 40 minutes 25  -  29.99 manat 50 minutes 30  -  34.99 manat 60 minutes 35  -  39.99 manat 70 minutes 40  -  44.99 manat 80 minutes 45  -  49.99 manat 90 minutes For the amount of 50 manat and above 100 minutes All other service payments (excluding payments of other mobile operators): Amount On-net Bonus minutes 15  -  29.99 manat 10 minutes 30  -  44.99 manat 20 minutes 45  -  59.99 manat 30 minutes 60 -  74.99 manat 40 minutes 75  -  89.99 manat 50 minutes 90  -  104.99 manat 60 minutes 105  -  119.99 manat 70 minutes 120  -  134.99 manat 80 minutes 135  -  149.99 manat 90 minutes For the amount of 150 manat and above 100 minutes Note: The bonus minutes may be used within 3 days after being loaded. The bonus received as a result of one payment may not exceed 100 minutes. *** About Bakcell Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, offers a variety of products for modern mobile communications customers. Bakcell provides class leading 3G mobile internet experience in the country under the Sür@ brand name. As one of the largest national non-oil investors, Bakcell today continues making large investments in the economy of Azerbaijan through its investments in state-of-the-art telecommunication technology and its people who service our customers. Bakcell’s network covers more than 99% of the population and 93% of the land area of the country (excluding occupied territories). Bakcell is a leader in innovation and it focuses on bringing the best of the mobile internet to Azerbaijanis through new partnerships and its Sür@ services. With more than 1000 3G base stations Bakcell 3G service is available in all regions and covers 80% of population and 55% of the territory of the country (excluding occupied territories). 300 retail outlets and 5 Customer Service Centers operating in the capital and regions are providing the best customer experience to Bakcell customers. For more information about Bakcell products and services, please visit or call 555.For press releases please see (or for press releases in English). If you are not a Bakcell subscriber, but wish to find out about Bakcell and its services, please call 055 000 05 55