QoshaCIN tariff plan is a part of CIN family of tariffs which fits the needs of those who would like to communicate at a very special price with the dearest person in the world without worrying about charges.

Advantages of this tariff plan:

  • This tariff plan is offered in a package: 2 SIM are acquired at the price of 1 SIM, and they are linked as partner numbers.
  • SMS and Call price between partners is extremely beneficial at 1 qepik per minute and per SMS.
  • All QoshaCIN subscribers get 25 bonus on-net minutes monthly for 1 year (with minimum top-up of 2 AZN).
  • Get huge SMS bundle! 1000 SMS bundle just for 2.99 AZN.
  • To get 1000 SMS bundle dial *165#1#. The bundle SMS valid for 30 days and can be used for on-net only.
  • For more detailed information about 1000 SMS bundles send empty SMS to the short number 165 or dial *165#

* Monthly assigned bonuses are valid till the end of respective calendar month. To get monthly bonus at least one-time 2 AZN/month top-up is required.

For information about QoshaCIN please send empty SMS to 5502 short number.

Starting from November 13, 2012 the subscription to QoşaCIN tariff has been terminated.

ActionAZN per minute
On-Net voice call 0.08
Off-Net voice call 0.12
Voice call between partners 0.01
SMS countrywide 0.05
SMS between partners 0.01
Balance check 0.02
CC/per call 0.02
International Calls
Calls to all countries 1 minute 0.32
International SMS
SMS 0.10
pay as you go per 1 MB 0.15

The countrywide SMS price is 0.04 AZN since 9:00 PM of September 30, 2013.

18% VAT is included. All prices are in AZN.
* On-net calls charging interval – 60 seconds, charging interval for calls between partners in QoshaCIN tariff is equal to 60 seconds. Charging interval for 25 bonus on-net minutes calls is 60 seconds

Charging interval of international calls is 30 seconds
** Peak time: 08:00 – 24:00;
Off-peak time: 00:00 – 08:00

To activate your SIM:

  • Insert the CIN SIM into your phone and switch it on
  • Scratch off the area marked PIN1 on your CIN SIM card holder and enter the PIN code revealed
  • Top-up minimum 1 AZN Scratch card to activate your number (see Payment options)
  • SIM with this tariff plan are acquired in pairs, which are automatically linked to each other as partner numbers

Migration to QoşaCIN from other CIN tariffs and vice versa:

  • To migrate to DaimOnline 6 tariff dial *306#. Migration is free of charge. To pay monthly fee you need to have 6 AZN on balance.
  • To migrate to DaimOnline 10 tariff dial *310#. Migration is free of charge. To pay monthly fee you need to have 10 AZN on balance.
  • To migrate to ƏlaSAAT dial *307# (1 AZN).
  • To migrate to ƏlaGÜN dial *370# (1 AZN). To pay daily fee for package you need to have 0.70 AZN on balance.
  • To migrate to ƏlaAY dial *317#. Migration is free of charge. To pay monthly fee for package you need to have 17 AZN on balance.
  • To migrate to YeniDoğma dial *138#5# (1 AZN).


  • To check partner number dial *109#3#.
  • Each QoşaCIN number may have only one partner number.
  • Deactivation of partner number is free of charge.
  • Sending request to activate partner number – 0.50 AZN.