Rendez Vous

SMS Rendez Vous – experience a love story!

Feeling lonely?

Are you looking for a friend or want to make new acquaintances?

The new SMS service "Rendez Vous" will help you!

SMS Rendez Vous is your chance to make new friends through SMS chat while keeping your name and phone number totally secret. In the chat, you will be known only under the chosen nickname.


To start chatting just:

  • Send an empty SMS-message to 6916

  • Follow the instructions in the SMS you receive and send 1 for Azeri, 2 for Russian, or 3 for English to 6916

  • Select a nick name of maximum 15 characters and send it to 6916

  • Indicate your sex. Follow the instructions in the next SMS and send 1 for male or 2 for female to 6916

After registration you will receive the SMS confirming that you have been registered in the system and get instructions how to search for other users.

How to chat

To send a message to another user, send the other user’s nickname, followed by a space and then the message for the other user via SMS to 6916

For example, if you want to say "Hello, How are you?" to the user Ayka, then you should send the following SMS to 6916 :

Ayka Hello, how are you?

Remember that the nickname should not exceed 15 symbols.

F List users of opposite sex
F r List users you've chatted with more often
F a List most active users
Y Your age Tell other users your age
B nick name Block messages from user nick name
CB nick name Unblock messages from user nick name
U Unregister from Rendez Vous
RR Register again
H Help


The cost of one SMS sent to number 6916 is:

  • 6 qepiks for CIN subscribers

  • 10 qepiks for Klass subscribers (excluding VAT)

To get additional information

Customer Care (land line): (012)492-00-58 (everyday, from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm).