Safe Internet

Make Internet safe for your children!

Bakcell and Enginet care about future of your children and provide “Safe Internet” service for secure Internet usage, without an access to unwanted websites. From now on, your children can browse Internet without parent control with ease.

Monthly traffic

10 GB

Monthly fee

10 AZN



VAT inclusive.

“Safe Internet” service is provided by Bakcell and Enginet. More than 500 schools across Azerbaijan have already joined this network. Now Safe Internet goes to your home. You can use “Safe Internet” package with any device: mobile phone, tablet or computer

“Safe Internet” is filtering data and protects your children from web content that spreads

  • Immorality,
  • Drugs propagandising,
  • Terrorism and violence,
  • Racism and religious confrontation.


  • After 10 GB limit consumed you will be charged 0.05AZN per 1MB for additional Internet service.
  • The service Safe Internet is on high speed whole day when the children are active, except for the period 10:00 PM till 02:00 AM when speed drops to 128 kbps.
  • To deactivate the package dial *134#0#YES.
  • Safe Internet is available on 4G LTE network as well. To benefit from high-speed Internet go to “Network Settings” on your phone menu and type in for APN.