Settings for mobile phone

Activating the service

  • To activate Internet on your mobile simply send an empty SMS message to 5950 . You will receive automatic settings for high speed access to Internet. You should accept and save those settings
  • You can also activate internet manually by selecting “Network Settings” on your phone menu and typing in your APN. Other settings usually remain unchanged

Note: To begin using Internet you should subscribe to Internet bundle. To get more afordable Internet bundle click HERE.

Activating the service

  • You’ll need to setup the phone before using MMS. In order to setup MMS, please send an SMS to the number 5950 . You’ll receive a message with MMS /GPRS settings, which you have to store in phone’s memory.
  • If your mobile phone can’t be set up automatically, you can set it up for MMS manually using the following settings:
    Homepage MMS:

While sending MMS please check the mobile phone format to whom you’re sending MMS. It should be one of the following formats: +99455ххххххх, 0099455ххххххх, 055ххххххх.

Also, you can send MMS to an e-mail address. For this you should write the recipient’s e-mail address instead of his number.

Note: Price per MMS is – 8 qepiks (including VAT). The maximum size of one MMS is 300 КB.