One price for calls to all directions!

Advantages of SevinCIN tariff:

  • A unified price for calls to numbers of all mobile operators in Azerbaijan along with fixed network numbers – 8 qepik per minute.
  • Get huge SMS bundle! 1000 SMS bundle just for 2.99 AZN.
  • To get 1000 SMS bundle dial star165hash1hashcall . The bundle SMS valid for 30 days and can be used for on-net only.
  • For more detailed information about 1000 SMS bundles send empty SMS to the short number 165 or dial star165hashcall

A special offer for SevinCIN subscribers:

  • Every subscriber will get 25 bonus minutes for calls to Bakcell numbers every month during a year (provided that at least 2 AZN is loaded to balance every month)

* Monthly bonuses will be valid until the end of each calendar month. To get monthly bonus at least one-time 2 AZN/month top-up is required.

  • For more detailed information send an empty SMS to 5510

On-net calls 1 minute 0.08
Off-net calls 1 minute 0.08
SMS countrywide 0.05
SMS international 0.10
MMS countrywide 0.08
Check balance 0.01
Call to Center (555) 1 minute 0.02
Internet traffic per 1 MB 0.29
Daily Internet package 25 MB = 0.10 /day
International calls
During all official working days 0.32
Every day within 00:00-08:00, during weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and all official nonworking days* 0.24

18% VAT inclusive

  • Countrywide charging interval – 60 seconds.
  • Charging interval for 25 bonus on-net minutes calls is 1 minute.
  • Internet charging interval –40 KB.
  • Charging interval of international calls is 60 seconds

Bakcell subscribers can send and receive MMS messages to/from all mobile operators' subscribers in the country!

After the first activating of mobile number daily currency rate news is also activated. The first 14 days is free of charge, and after expiration of this period daily service fee 0.06 AZN is applied. To deactivate this service SMS STOP to 9944.

  • To migrate to CIN1 tariff dial star301hashcall . Migration is free of charge. To pay weekly fee you need to have 1 AZN on balance.
  • To migrate to CIN5 tariff dial star305hashcall . Migration is free of charge. To pay monthly fee you need to have 5 AZN on balance.
  • To migrate to ƏlaSAAT dial star307hashcall (1 AZN).
  • To migrate to ƏlaGÜN dial star370hashcall (1 AZN). To pay daily fee for package you need to have 0.70 AZN on balance.
  • To migrate to ƏlaAY dial star317hashcall . Migration is free of charge. To pay monthly fee for package you need to have 17 AZN on balance.
  • To migrate to SevimliCIN tariff dial star138hash2hashcall (1 AZN).
  • To migrate to YeniDoğma dial star138hash5hashcall (1 AZN).