Talk to beloved ones using 30 minutes Ulduzum bonuses

Every Ulduzum user will get additionally 30 minutes BONUS along with discount. After only 5 use of Ulduzum discount during a month you will receive the SMS with code. SMS that code to 5555 and 30 minutes will be loaded on your balance.

Moreover, if you use Ulduzum App for the first time you will get 30 minutes as a gift.

Bonus minutes are valid during 3 days and can be used for on-net calls.

This campaign is available for Ulduzum and Ulduzum Premium subscribers.

In order to benefit from this campaign and get bonus minutes please follow the next simple steps:

1. SMS star to 5555 or star5555hashcall or use Ulduzum App and get 4-digit code. The cost for each code is 3 qepiks.

2. Use that code by submitting to one of Ulduzum partner. To get information about partners SMS 2 to 5555 .

3. A code can be obtained 10 times within a day. Each code is valid for 24 hours.

4. In order to subscribe to Ulduzum program SMS 1 to 5555 for free.