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    Bakcell presented its new concept store in Barda

    A new concept store of Bakcell has opened in the city of Barda. In order to provide visitors with the maximum level of convenience, the store was designed based solely on a customer-oriented approach. The concept store, located at the address of Barda city, U. Hajibeyli Street (opposite the Military Police Department), combines in itself the functions of sales and customer service. This modern store, built in line with a fresh concept, offers the residents of Barda a full range of Bakcell products and services, as well as an option to purchase mobile numbers and accessories. It should be noted that this is the second concept store of Bakcell opened in the regions of Azerbaijan this year. The company plans to open several new stores before the end of the year. In 2021, the mobile network of Bakcell was once again named the fastest in Azerbaijan by Ookla®. Today, with almost 9000 base stations, Bakcell network covers 99.9% of the population of Azerbaijan and 92.6% of the country's territory. {gallery} /uploads/bakcell-barda-1.jpg /uploads/bakcell-barda-5.jpg /uploads/bakcell-barda-4.jpg /uploads/bakcell-barda-2.jpg /uploads/bakcell-barda-3.jpg {/gallery}