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    About us
    Who we are.
    About us
    General information
    Bakcell is the first company to provide mobile communications services in Azerbaijan.

    Being the one of the largest investors in the non-oil sector of the economy of Azerbaijan, Bakcell provides a wide range of high-quality modern telecommunication (voice services and mobile internet) services to more than 3 million customers.

    Today, thanks to around 9000 base stations, Bakcell network covers 98.1% of the territory and 99.9% of the population of Azerbaijan.

    In 2022, Bakcell invested 23 million manats in expanding the coverage of its mobile network on territories liberated from occupation. Today, having more than 100 base stations in Karabakh, Bakcell continues its active participation in large-scale activities aimed at restoring and creating the necessary infrastructure at the territories liberated from occupation. 

    Bakcell is part of NEQSOL Holding, being a diversified group of companies operating across industries and countries. The main areas of holding’s business operations include oil and gas, telecommunications, hi-tech, and construction industries. The geographical area in which companies within group provide operations and services includes such countries as UK, USA, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates.

    Businessman and philanthropist Nasib Hasanov is the founder and 100% owner of NEQSOL Holding international group of companies. Mr. Hasanov is the sole ultimate beneficial owner of Bakcell.

    The Fastest Mobile Network in Azerbaijan

    The high quality mobile internet from Bakcell is recognized even at the international level. Thus, in 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022, Bakcell was named "The Fastest Mobile Network in Azerbaijan". This title was awarded by the Ookla company, known worldwide thanks to its Speedtest service.

    In 2017, Bakcell network was recognized as the “Best in Test” in Azerbaijan by P3 Communications, being one of the most trusted independent authorities in mobile benchmarking.

    Innovative technologies and digital customer experience

    Bakcell provides its customers with the opportunity to use the most advanced technologies, products and services which meet the wishes and requirements of modern telco users.

    For the convenience of users, Bakcell has introduced “My Bakcell” application, the first of its kind and most innovative customer care method on the country’s telecommunications market. “My Bakcell” – a virtual customer care application, allows the customers to perform all the necessary transactions with their mobile number’s account and get detailed information about their number without a need to call or visit a customer care office. 

    In 2022 Bakcell launched eSIM – for the first time in Azerbaijan. eSIM, being a new generation SIM technology, offers new opportunities for connecting to the Bakcell mobile network and simplifies the overall use of communication services. With this novelty, the customers do not have to use a physical plastic SIM card. Moreover, thanks to eSIM, it is possible to use multiple numbers even on smartphones that support one physical SIM card.

    Introduced in 2022, the VoLTE technology provides smartphone users with a higher speed, more clear and uninterrupted voice communication services in the LTE network. This state-of-the-art voice technology also provides additional benefits for Bakcell subscribers. From now on, it is possible to talk on the phone and use the internet on the LTE network to the full extent.

    Moreover, Bakcell provides its customers with exclusive discounts and benefits by implementing “Ulduzum” - one of the largest-scale loyalty programs in the country.

    Reliable business partner

    Bakcell currently serves thousands of business customers across different industries. Bakcell is the largest corporate telecommunications services provider in many sectors of the economy. The Company provides high-quality telecom solutions to local and international companies operating in Azerbaijan. The professional staff of Bakcell is able to provide tailored assistance to companies, local government bodies and organizations in every aspect of mobile communication. Bakcell helps the business customers to collaborate more effectively, operate more efficiently and engage better with their clients – connecting their people securely and reliably, thus contributing to the development of economy and business sector in general.

    Corporate Social Responsibility
    “Bakcell Stars”For more than 10 years now, the company has been implementing one of the country's largest corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs - Bakcell Stars.
    "National CSR Award"For successful activity in the field of corporate social responsibility, Bakcell was awarded the "National CSR Award" in 2019, 2020 and 2021.
    Special careAs part of cooperation with various local and international non-governmental organizations, Bakcell provides support to children in need of special care, promotes the improvement of employment opportunities for youth, women, and representatives of other vulnerable population groups. In addition, attention and care for children suffered from the consequences of war, as well as support for the families of martyrs and veterans is one of the main directions of the CSR strategy of Bakcell.