Asan İmza (Mobil Signature)

Get Asan İmza and make things work easier!

Use your digital ID for different cases.

Bakcell offers its all subscribers modern digital service. From now on all our subscribers can confirm their identity, access e-services and use digital signatures via Asan İmza (Mobil ID) service.

Asan İmza (Mobil ID) service can be implemented to your existing SIM card (number) or new SIM card. To activate this service:

  • Bring your ID card to Bakcell Customer Care Centre and get your SIM card with Asan İmza (Mobil ID);
  • Visit the office of the Asan Certification Service Centre of the Ministry of Taxes (ASXM) in order to activate e-signature certificates.

All persons (citizens) and legal entities (companies, organisation, etc.) are available to use Asan İmza (Mobil ID) service.

Subscription fee for 3 yearsFor 1 monthSIM duplicate feeRequired documentsSMS fee
For individual
18 AZN 2.50 AZN 3.54 AZN ID card 0 AZN
For government institutions 58 AZN 0 AZN 3.54 AZN ID card + letters from government office 0 AZN
For persons and legal entities who performs business 18 AZN 2.50 AZN 3.54 AZN ID card 0 AZN


  • In order to implement to existing number please apply to Bakcell Customer Care Centre to renew the SIM card
  • SIM card duplicate will be provided for free for our (Business) corporate customers. If the number is property of organisation, please provide appropriate letter.

To get more detailed information about Asan İmza (Mobil Signature) service please:

The list of available services for Asan İmza can be downloaded from HERE