Bakcell and ASAN Volunteers continue bringing joy to the children


Bakcell - the First Mobile Operator and Fastest Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan has joined yet another initiative of the “ASAN Letter” project, organized by the “ASAN Volunteers”.

Within the frames of this initiative, a special activity was organized under the cooperation of “ASAN Volunteers” and Bakcell, and partnership of the “Friend of Schoolchildren” (“Məktəblinin dostu”) project. The main purpose of this initiative, dedicated to the “Knowledge Day” was to bring joy to the children from sensitive groups of population, fulfill their dreams and wishes on the eve of the new academic year.

During this special event, held with participation of Bakcell representatives and ASAN volunteers, 25 schoolchildren from school #284 have received schoolbags and other school supplies as gifts from Bakcell.

The main purpose of the “ASAN Letter” project is to bring joy to the lives of children from sensitive groups, and increase the overall social responsibility and the sense of care in the society. This project, committed to turning the dreams and wishes of children into reality, covers children aged up to 14. Thus, letters written by the children are placed to the website and their wishes are being fulfilled by various companies, organizations and other kind-hearted citizens. Mobile communication support for this project is also provided by Bakcell.

Bakcell supports thousands of children by actively participating in the projects aimed at helping the children in need for special care and children from sensitive groups, and ensuring the provision of equal rights and inclusive education opportunities for them. Cooperation with the “ASAN Letter” project provided Bakcell with a great chance to bring joy to the lives of children and make their wishes come true.


About Bakcell

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The quality and high speed of mobile internet, offered by Bakcell is recognized even on the international level. Thus, in the year 2018, Bakcell was named “the Fastest Mobile Network of Azerbaijan”. This award was presented by “Ookla”, being a world-famous company for its “Speedtest” service. Back in 2017, Bakcell network was recognized as the “Best in Test” in Azerbaijan by P3 Communications, being one of the most trusted independent authorities in mobile benchmarking.

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