Exclusive number with 099 prefix will distinguish you!

The owners of the limited numbers are our valuable and distinguished subscribers. Below offers are provided with benefits:

CategoryPrice AZN Linked tariff planFree period of the tariff plan
Bronze 100 Klass 25 3 months for FREE
Silver 200 Klass 25 3 months for FREE
Gold 700 Klass 50 6 months for FREE
Platinum 2 400 Klass 50 12 months for FREE

Special and exclusive numbers with 099 prefix are offered with Klass tariff plans. After expiration of free period you can continue subscription in accordance with tariff plan terms:

Tariff plan Monthly feeBenefits of tariff plan
Klass 25 25 AZN 800 min. for on-net calls
250 min. for off-net calls
15 GB internet
FREE* WhatsApp
Klass 50 50 AZN 2500 min. for on-net calls
500 min. for off-net calls
20 GB internet
2 GB roaming internet

*FREE WhatsApp for Klass 25 tariff plan is valid for texting and calls.


  • If the monthly package provided during the free period expires, subscribers can activate the bundle for the next month. In this case 1 month will be charged from the allocated free period.
  • Subscribers who purchased special and exclusive number can migrate to another tariff plan, in this case free subscription will be terminated and new tariff plan’s terms will be applied.
  • If a subscriber who purchased a special and exclusive number migrates back to the first tariff plan, the free period will be restored under the previous terms. If the free period is expired on the day of migration, then the terms of the subscribed tariff plan will be applied.
  • To get more detailed information about the tariff plan, please visit the www.bakcell.com website or install the My Bakcell mobile app (available for iOS and Android) on your smartphone.
  • To choose the number, please visit the nomre.bakcell.com webpage.
  • All prices are VAT inclusive.