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    Daily packages - Archive

    Do you use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, etc. and online chat resources every day? Then we recommend you Daily packages.

    Any Bakcell subscriber who has internet package on balance can get access to Bakcell Wi-Fi in various points in Baku and Shusha and surf internet for free.

    Package namePrice
    Daily 25MB0.15 ₼/day
    • Daily included traffic is 25MB.
    • After daily 25MB consumed the cost of each 1MB will be 0.05₼, and will be deducted from remained funds on your balance.
    Daily 50MB0.25 ₼/day
    • Daily included traffic is 50MB.
    • After daily 50MB consumed the cost of each 1MB will be 0.03₼, and will be deducted from remained funds on your balance.
    Daily 1GB0.99 ₼/day
    • Daily included traffic is 1GB.
    • After daily 1GB consumed the cost of each 1MB will be 0.01₼, and will be deducted from remained funds on your balance.
    • To check balance of Daily internet packages dial *189*559#
    • To deactivate Daily internet packages dial *189*0#
    • The daily internet package will be deleted as soon as incoming and outgoing calls are blocked in number.
    • If your balance is insufficient to pay daily fee, the internet package will not be deleted, and daily subscription fee will be deducted from balance after the next top-up.
    • When the internet package is consumed or expired, the mobile internet service will not be interrupted. You will continue to use internet on a pay as you go in accordance with your tariff plan.
    • If customer unsubscribes from any active bundles or if they subscribe to a different bundle or if the bundle period is expired, remaining volume allowance in that bundle will be deleted.

    Bakcell Wi-Fi - archive

    Package nameVolumeSpeedPeriodPrice
    Wi-Fi 1
    50 GB10 mbps30 days25 
    Wi-Fi 2
    100 GB25 mbps30 days45 
    All prices VAT inclusive.
    • Bakcell Wi-Fi service is available wherever Bakcell has 4G LTE network.
    • Special Data SIM card can be used for Internet only.
    • When you change your already subscribed / active package and you wish to subscribe the same package again or subscribe to another one, remaining traffic volume of current package will be deleted.
    • Bakcell modem is provided for service use only. If customer stops using the service, Bakcell will reserve the right to request the device back.
    Unlimited Internet with Opera Mini

    Bakcell opens new Opera Mini season!

    Activate Opera Mini and browse Internet with high-speed for the most favorable prices unlimitedly. To download Opera Mini browser please visit or

    You can get unlimited internet with Opera Mini for 24+ hours or for 1 month.

    Price ₼Validity
    Opera Mini 24+ hours0.2524+ hours
    Opera Mini 1 month2.5030 days
    All prices VAT inclusive.

    • Opera Mini packages will be terminated on January 25, 2022, for new subscribers.
    • Unlimited Internet for free will be available only via Opera Mini browser;
    • All download, video/audio streaming will be charged according to Your tariff plan;
    • Instant messages not included to Opera Mini subscription;
    • Subscription will not be available for SIM that sold with Data Kart;
    • The first time, when you activate the package "OperaMini 24+ hours" the validity period is more than 24 hours (the day of the package activation and the next day). This package automatically renews every night at 12 AM in the next days. After recurring, you will be charged accordingly;
    • This service is not available for subscribers who use BlackBerry packages;
    • For additional information about specific subscription, please dial *164#559# or send “559” via SMS to 6464 short number;
    • For additional information, please dial *164# or send empty SMS to 6464 short number.
    Save money on data charges

    Opera Mini is the smartest choice for browsing on wireless data plans. Using the Opera Mini browser to browse the Web with your mobile phone can save You money on your phone bills, by reducing your data usage substantially. The Opera Mini browser uses only a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers, compressing webpages by up to 90%.

    Browse more, wait for less

    The Web has never been so fast on your phone. Opera Mini’s streamlined rendering engine and server-side compression allows the Opera Mini browser to load webpages much more quickly than other mobile phone browsers.

    Make the most of your screen

    Take advantage of every pixel that your phone’s screen has to offer with Opera Mini’s full-screen mode. The address bar and toolbars disappear until they are needed, allowing you to see more of the page you are viewing.

    Instant access to Your favorite websites

    See your top websites visually laid out on Your screen in Speed Dial, and load each of them with a quick tap. It is easy to add your preferred pages to Speed Dial, and you even can synchronize them with your desktop, using Opera Link.

    * Bakcell is acknowledged as “Azerbaijan’s Fastest Mobile Network”. Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for January-June 2022. Ookla® trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.