Be my guest

Due to performed technical changes on this service the dialing of hash button to send the request annulled.

Bakcell presents a new “Be my guest” service. Now you can make a phone call even with a zero balance, and it will be paid for by the called subscriber.

If you are making a call at other subscriber’s expense

  • In order to make a call at expense of the other subscriber please dial star151star then 10 digits of the Bakcell called number, call

If you accept other subscriber’s call at your expense

Before you accept a call that is made at your expense, you will receive a notification that a subscriber is trying make a call at your expense, and decide whether to accept or decline it.

  • To accept a call at your expense after the voice notification dial 1
  • To reject a call dial 2

If you are accepting a call from a subscriber at your expense, the call will be charged as 0.06 AZN per minute. For CIN subscribers all bonus or beneficial campaigns or services (“Lovely number”, QoşaCIN and etc.) are not available.


VoLTE technology temporarily does not support this service.