Before trip:

In order to use a mobile number when traveling abroad, it is necessary to have an active roaming service. Bakcell roaming service is automatically activated for all CIN and Klass subscribers. Moreover, subscribers can manually deactivate, reactivate or check the status of the roaming service:


  • While being abroad you can directly call, SMS, and use the Internet on your device using Bakcell partners' network in foreign countries.
  • Activation and deactivation of roaming services are for free.
  • This service is valid for all tariffs CIN, Klass, and Business (except corporate numbers).


  • Increase your balance before the trip in order to stay in touch abroad, because the roaming prices are different from countrywide prices and there are few opportunities to top-up balance abroad.
  • You can learn more about basic fees for each country here: Prices & countries.
  • Would you like to actively use the roaming service? We advise you to get more detailed information about Discounts & special offers.
  • The tips on how to increase balance abroad you can get from the page – Top-up in roaming”.
  • The charging interval for calls in roaming is 1 minute, rounded to the nearest whole minute with a high number, starting from the first second. For example, if the call continued for 1 min and 10 seconds, it will be rounded up to 2 minutes. There is no service fee for call setup. The charging interval for GPRS / EDGE / 3G is 40 Kbytes.
  • If the settings of your phone automatically select the mobile operator network and you have activated the roaming service in the border regions of Azerbaijan it is possible that your mobile device will be registered in the networks of Bakcell’s roaming partner. In this case, your device will show the name of the foreign operator, and your calls will be charged according to the roaming tariffs. Due to the nature of radio wave propagation and terrain, it is strongly recommended to select the Bakcell network manually when traveling in the border regions of Azerbaijan. Information about the settings is in the instructions of your phone; the user is responsible for the phone settings.