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Bakcell offers Internet packages for Data modems, Data SIMs and tabs with unstoppable Internet traffic.

Sür@ Internet Only SIM PackagesSür@10Sür@30Sür@50Sür@ Unlimited*
Volume 10 GB 30 GB 50 GB Internet on weekends
(Saturday & Sunday)
100 GB for Weekdays
Price 12 AZN 20 AZN 30 AZN 50 AZN
Activation star134star111hashcall star134star222hashcall star134star512hashcall star134star355hashcall

30 days

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  • All prices are VAT inclusive.
  • All above packages are available for Internet Only SIM cards and there is no speed limitation on any of the above packages.
  • Enjoy fast speeds of up-to 240 Mbps* and flawlessly stream high-end rich media content such as 4K videos, listen to stereo quality music, play graphic intensive games and much more on your smartphones or smart TV.
  • If you have a sufficient balance, your Internet package will be renewed automatically after 30 days of subscription.
  • You can activate multiple packages at the same time. In case of multiple subscriptions, volume from the previous package will be added to the newly activated package volume and validity will be refreshed to 30 days. In case of using Sür@ Unlimited package and customer subscribes to any other package plan while Sür@ Unlimited is still active, remaining volume will be added only to the newly subscribe package and validity will be refreshed. However, customer will not receive any more unlimited weekend’s incentive.
  • Package is considered as expired in either of the following two conditions.
  1. Volume allowance within bundle has been used up
  2. Bundle validity date has expired
  • Within Sür@ Unlimited package, you can use unlimited internet on weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) within your expiry period.
  • In addition to unlimited weekends, 100 GB of Internet usage is provided.
  • To ensure that our subscribers get the best possible experience on our Sür@ packages, you can use unlimited internet on weekends at 5 Mbps and all other days’ through-out the month you can enjoy internet at fast speeds of up-to 240 Mbps on our LTE advanced network.
  • Once volume is finished, you will be directed to a dedicated web page where you can see all the bundles and subscribe to any of our new above mentioned packages. However, if you do not subscribe to any bundle, and try to use internet after expiry date of your bundle, you will be charged at AZN 0.01 per MB.
  • You can also go to the Internet Only SIM packages dedicated webpage any time by yourself by typing, in your browser and see information about your current package.
  • To know about your Internet Only SIM card number – dial star666hashcall .
  • In case of abuse by subscribers that might be reason for degradation of service provided to other subscribers, the Mobile Operator keeps the right to limit the service on that number.

*Depends on the device in use by the customer and applicable only on our LTE network users only. Make sure, that you are connected to our LTE advanced network. For subscribers, not in the 4G coverage area, they can avail speeds up to 42 Mbps.

If customer unsubscribes from any active bundles or if they subscribe to a different bundle or if the bundle period is expired, remaining volume allowance in that bundle will be deleted.