New KlassKredit service from Bakcell, offer you to stay in touch longer. Every Klass subscriber can get KlassKredit up to 7 AZN.

  • 3 types of credit exclusively for Klass subscribers:
  • To get credit for 1 AZN dial *250*1#.
  • To get credit for 2 AZN dial *250*2#.
  • To get credit for 5 AZN dial *250*5#.

Getting credit

To increase balance via getting credit:

  • Your number must be active, or in one-way blocked status (blocked for outgoing calls).
  • your number should be activated in Bakcell network minimum 90 days ago.
  • Your number should not be in roaming.


Credit volume Service fee/AZN
1 AZN 0.2
2 AZN 0.4
5 AZN 1
Sending request to get credit 0.06
Check credit balance 0.06

All prices are 18% VAT inclusive.

Credit discharge

Total amount of your credits will be deducted from the first funds independently loaded or transferred to your balance (the amount of first credit will not be covered by the second one).
If you don’t have enough money on your balance to completely pay-off the credit or two consecutive credits, the remaining amount of credit will be deducted upon the next balance top-up or transfer of money.
You can take second credit without discharging the first one.

In case if you don’t cover your credit within 20 days, your number will be automatically moved to special list. The number from this list is not able to get second credit. After covering the debt subscriber will be able to get new credit.

To check your credit balance dial *250*0#
For more information please dial *250#.