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With Lovely Numbers, you get more talk time with the people who matter most to you

Get more value now:

  • Easy to set up and activate
  • SevimliCIN customers get 5 Lovely Numbers
  • Business customers get 3 Lovely Numbers


See CIN and Business tariff plans for Lovely Numbers prices.

How to activate your Lovely Numbers

İt is very easy to activate Lovely numbers service.

  • To activate Lovely Number, dial *109#1# and 10-digit Bakcell number you want to set as a Lovely Number #YES;
  • Then you will get confirmation that your first Lovely Number is set and the Lovely Number service is activated;
  • You can activate 5 CIN Lovely numbers using the same code;
  • Cost of each lovely number activation for SevimliCIN is 50 qepiks;
  • Activation of first 3 Lovely Numbers for Business Subscribers is free. Cost of all following activations and changes is 1 ₼ for Business Subscribers.
How to change a Lovely Number

You can change any of your Lovely Numbers to another anytime

  • To change Lovely Number, dial *109#2# and a 10-digit number you want to replace # and then 10-digits new Bakcell number and #YES;
  • Then you will get confirmation that your Lovely Number is changed;
  • Using the same method, you can change your Lovely Numbers as often as you want;
  • Price of changing a Lovely Number is 50 qepiks for SevimliCIN Subscribers. Service fee Business Subscribers after first free opportunities is 1 ₼.
How to get a list of your Lovely Numbers

You can check what you’ve set as your Lovely Numbers anytime

  • To check your Lovely Numbers simply dial *109#3# on your phone;
  • You will receive a message with your current list of Lovely Numbers;
  • Cost of checking: 3 qepiks for SevimliCIN customers, free of charge for Business customers.
How to request a help message

You can request a help SMS anytime

  • On your phone, dial *109#4#;
  • You will receive a message with instructions;
  • Help is free of charge.
How to delete a Lovely Number

You can delete any number from your list of Lovely numbers anytime

  • On your phone, dial *109#5# 10 digits number you want to delete and #YES;
  • You will receive a confirmation message;
  • The deletion is free of charge.