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Money transfer

Help friends and family keep in touch!

You can always help your friends and family keep in touch by loading money via money cards from your CIN account to theirs.

Top-up another CIN or Klass balance by transferring money from your account

Transfer 20 qepiks to your friends and family members multiple times!

  • Dial on your phone *105* then enter the other 10 digits CIN or Klass number and #YES.
  • You and the recipient will then both receive the transfer confirmation message from Bakcell
  • Service fee is 6 qepiks per each transaction.
  • This service is available for CIN and Klass subscribers.

In case if subscriber’s blocked number receives 0.20 ₼ on balance from other Bakcell subscribers via money transfer service, the number will be unblocked until the end of the current day.

Top-up another account with new unified money card

This free service lets you load a new unified money card to another Bakcell account.

For CIN, Klass, Business:

  • On your phone, dial *101* and 15 Digit CIN money card code, then # recipient’s’ 10-digit Bakcell number, then #YES.
  • You and the other number will then both receive top up announcement from Bakcell.

Two-way number closure occurs within 30 days after the expiration of the payment card validity period (payment card usage period depends on its nominal value).