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    A Star offer from Bakcell – 5 qepicks per minute to whole Azerbaijan with no conditions!

    Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator in Azerbaijan, is pleased to introduce the new “Star Calls” Campaign that provides the most beneficial offer for calls in the market. The Campaign offers an advantageous price of 5 qepicks per minute for calls in all directions within Azerbaijan, with no additional conditions or restrictions. You just dial * (star) in front of any mobile, home and business number you call and talk at this incredible price. Everything else remains the same: your bonuses and lovely numbers stay active, charging interval stays the same as before, and you do not worry about switching your tariff plan. Most importantly, there is no need to download additional money to your balance. Just enjoy this great opportunity for the whole duration of this remarkable Campaign – from October 31 until November 30.   Autumn this year has started with very rainy and cold days. Keeping customers’ needs always in mind, Bakcell has come up with this great “Star Calls” offer to warm you up on these cold days. As the days get shorter and nights get colder, convenient communication can brighten your mood. Bakcell gives you an opportunity to enjoy maximum convenience of your communication by simply adding star (*) to your phone calls and not worrying about how much money you have on your balance.   Note that “Star Calls” Campaign applies to all Bakcell family of CIN, Klass and Gold customers, including the subscribers to the newly launched “CINeration” and “Klass 7” tariffs and for all countrywide calls. Remember that there is absolutely no conditions such as minimum balance, minimum top-up or service activation fee to benefit from this great offer. You just add * (star) in front of any Azerbaijani number you dial and enjoy the unique opportunity of talking at 5 qepicks per minute.   Keeping customer satisfaction the major focus of its activity, Bakcell will continue bringing unique offers to Azerbaijani mobile phone customers. The most beneficial tariffs for voice calls, SMS and mobile internet, and unique bonuses, especially on holidays and various special occasions demonstrate Bakcell’s commitment to giving the customers the best value for money they spend on mobile communication.   Enjoy your Star Calls and stay tuned for more nice surprises from Bakcell in the near future!   For more information about how to use the “Star Calls” offer, you can send SMS to short code 5530 for free of charge and get your help SMS.   For information about other Bakcell product and services, please dial 555.   If you are not a Bakcell subscriber, but wish to find out about Bakcell and its services, please call 055 0000 555.