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    Bakcell is successfully fighting against fraud

    Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and The Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, was pleased to collaborate with the Ministry of National Security of the Republic of Azerbaijan to detain Pulat Iskanderovich, a citizen of Uzbekistan, who had organized illegal international call traffic via Bakcell network using “SIM Box” fraud. Bakcell Fraud Team performed an investigation into the use of International Gateway bypass devices (SIMBOX’s) using trial service from KeyNote SIGOS and Austria Telekom. With assistance of the special software Bakcell detected additional devices using Bakcell SIM Cards to terminate the traffic. In its turn this identified a number of devices operating on the network carrying voice traffic over internet connections and terminating on the Bakcell network. Bakcell provided the MNS with necessary information and actively cooperated with the Ministry who detected and apprehended the perpetrators involved in this illegal business activity. “SIM Box fraud is a global threat to revenues of mobile operators worldwide. Because of these fraud activities governments and operators in the world are losing huge amounts of revenue. We are using SIM Box Detection system which aims to prevent fraud calls. Bakcell is aware that criminal gangs use these techniques to perform their activities and will actively detect, investigate and provide support to the Ministry to ensure they are detained and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We own all necessary modern technologies to prevent such fraud cases in future”, said Mr. Richard Shearer, Bakcell CEO. Different people or groups use various devices and the SIM cards to make fraudulent long-distance calls away from network of any mobile operators. However, these calls are registered as local calls on mobile operator’s networks and cause significant international interconnect call revenue loss. *** About Bakcell Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan offers a variety of products for modern mobile communications customers.  Bakcell provides class leading 3G mobile internet experience in the country under the brand name. As one of the largest national non-oil investors, Bakcell today continues making large investments in the economy of Azerbaijan through its investments in state-of-the-art telecommunication technology and its people who service our customers. Bakcell’s network covers more than 99% of the population and 92% of the land area of the country (excluding occupied territories). Bakcell is a leader in innovation and it focuses on bringing the best of the mobile internet to Azerbaijanis through new partnerships and its Sür@ services. With 257 retail outlets and 7 Customer Service Centers operating 24x7 Bakcell provides the best customer experience to its customers. For more information about Bakcell products and services, please visit or call 555.For press releases please see (or for press releases in English). If you are not a Bakcell subscriber, but wish to find out about Bakcell and its services, please call 055 000 05 55