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    Prices and countries
    Which country are you traveling to?
    Know the pay-per-use roaming rates before trip!
      About balance
      • You can always check your balance while in roaming. Use Bakcell mobile app or just dial *100#

      While you are abroad you can top up by any of the methods below:

      • Top up your balance by dialing *101# 15 digit code of money card #.
      • Your friend can top up your balance by dialing *101# 15 digit code of money card # number of subscriber #.

      Top up your balance online.

      • Please make sure you’ve topped up enough funds on your balance for roaming service before you go abroad.

      How to make a call in roaming

      If you’re dialing out of the country, you’ll need to enter an international calling code at the start of the number:

      + [country code] [city code] [phone number].

      For example, to call Baku you should dial +994 55 ХХХ ХХ ХХ, instead of 055 ХХХ ХХ ХХ.


      To get in touch with Bakcell Call Center while being abroad you should dial the number with international code +994 12 4988989.

      Internet roaming

      Use your mobile Internet even when you are away from home

      • Now all CIN and Klass customers can use their mobile internet even when they are on roaming. GPRS roaming service allows you to check your e-mail, download files, browse WAP and web sites - generally use all internet services which you use on your “home network”.

      Activation of Internet in roaming

      • To activate GPRS roaming in Azerbaijan you simply need to activate Internet and roaming on your mobile before leaving the country. You can activate internet manually by selecting “Network Settings” on your phone menu and typing in your APN.
      • You can also activate your GPRS roaming abroad, but to do this your roaming service for calls and SMS should be activated before you go.
      • For further information about activating internet and roaming for your tariff please visit relevant pages of our web-site.
      • Please remember that you can use your mobile internet on roaming via roaming operators only in the countries listed in "Prices & countries" chapter.