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Starting from 13.11.2020 in order to browse Internet in Turkey, you need to purchase Roaming Internet bundle.


  • All incoming SMS in roaming are FREE.
  • Charging interval for calls is 1 minute.
  • Charging interval for Internet is 40 kb.
  • Outgoing calls in roaming include: calls to Azerbaijan, calls to any numbers of country that you are visited, calls to any foreign country.
  • All prices are in AZN and VAT inclusive.
  • Please be informed that roaming rates in foreign countries may change due to fluctuation of national currency manat rate against foreign currency. We kindly ask you to check roaming prices before your trip.

*Postpaid subscribers can make calls and received calls. Prepaid subscribers can only receive calls.

Special note!

  • From June 28, 2022, the connection to the network of “Etisalat” mobile operator in UAE is terminated.
  • According to Turkish Law 7186 §23 permanent data roamers will be banned from Turkish MNO networks.
  • Permanent data roamer is defined as: cumulative user of roaming services by the same IMEI for 90 days (accumulated) or more per 120 days period on the network where voice service users will be excluded.
  • Please be informed that any product (m2m etc.) including IMEI should be registered by submitting IMEI number list during Turkish customs procedures. For users who have violated this customs procedure, Turkish Law 7186 §24 gives a remission. Where they can register their devices on by 250 TL otherwise devices will be blacklisted in Turkish CEIR and will be banned from Turkish MNO networks within 30 days.
  • Please be noted that according to Turkish Law, roaming user will not be banned if subscriber used voice service even one time during the mentioned period.