Roaming Internet packages

Stay in contact with your beloved ones without touching your data via the free WhatsApp feature from roaming in more than 40 countries!

Package nameVolumePricePeriodActivation
Daily 100 MB + Free WhatsApp 3 AZN 1 day *125*101#
Weekly 1000 MB + Free WhatsApp 20 AZN 7 days *125*1001#
Monthly 2000 MB + Free WhatsApp 30 AZN 30 days *125*2001#

The monthly bundle is provided with 20% discount to Business subscribers within the campaign period.

All prices VAT inclusive.

  • Charging interval – 100 KB.
  • Free WhatsApp is for text and calls. The standard pay as you go rates will be applied to other features of WhatsApp.
  • After bundle volume is consumed, the standard pay as you rates will be applied.
  • To check the balance of the package dial *125*559#.
  • To deactivate the daily bundle dial *125*101*0#.
  • To deactivate the weekly bundle dial *125*1001*0#.
  • To deactivate the monthly bundle dial *125*2001*0#.
  • The daily bundle will be renewed automatically at 12:00 AM.
  • Weekly and Monthly bundles can be activated many times. When the new bundle is activated, the remaining traffic of the old bundle will be added to the new one.
  • The bundles can be used in the following countries and operators.