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    How to acquire Business number?

    • If your company is our corporate partner, you must appeal to your company’s curator.
    • If you are a government employee, then you must visit one of our Customer Care Centres with your Identification Card and Service Certificate.
    • If you want to get Business number only with your Identification Card (as an individual subscriber), you can visit one of our Customer Care Centres where you will be offered one of specific tariffs.

    How to become a corporate client (partner) and acquire Business number for the company?

    For this, you need present a number of documents:

    • A copy of company Charter (With the company stamp identical to the original).
    • Notarized copy of certificate issued by the Ministry of Taxation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and confirming registration of the legal entity.
    • TIN notification about issuance of the tax payer’s identification number by the Ministry of Taxation (the copy that carries the company’s seal ‘identical to the original’).
    • A copy of the order to appoint the head of the organization to the post ((Order No 1) on a company form and with the company’s stamp.).
    • Copy of the passport of the head of the organization.
    • Bank details.

    Can Business subscribers use internet packages?

    • Business subscribers can acquire any Bakcell internet package.

    Which tariffs does Business offer to its subscribers?

    • Corporate subscribers can receive detailed information from their curators about tariffs offered to their companies.
    • Individual subscribers can visit one of our Service Centres for detailed information.

    How to top up Business number?

    • You can top up your number by money cards, ATM or via online payments methods.

    How can Business subscribers contact Bakcell?

    • By calling 555 short number. The phone call is free of charge for Business subscribers.
    • By calling landline phone number 0124988989
    • By calling 0550000555, if the subscriber is on roaming or is using the number of other operators.
    • By visiting one of Bakcell’s Customer Care Centres.
    • By sending an e-mail to
    • By sending an SMS to 555. The price for an SMS is 0,25 ₼.
    Mobile applications

    Bakcell mobile app

    • Bakcell provides a convenient e-care app, which allows the customers to perform all necessary transactions, with no need for calling or visiting the customer care center. For instance, by means of “Bakcell” app, the subscribers will be able to easily: activate or deactivate services, internet and roaming packages; Learn the expiration dates and balance for used internet packages; Get information and join the available tariffs and offers; perform balance operations; get call details. “Bakcell” app is available for download from “Google Play” and “Appstore” for devices running under Android and iOS.

    Ulduzum app

    • This free software will make it easier for the Bakcell subscribers to benefit from various discounts and privileges provided by more than 350 “Ulduzum” partners.