Bakcell Wi-Fi - archive

Package nameVolumeSpeedPeriodPrice
Bakcell Wi-Fi 1 50 GB 10 mbps 30 days 25 AZN
Bakcell Wi-Fi 2 100 GB 25 mbps 30 days 45 AZN

All prices VAT inclusive.


  • Bakcell Wi-Fi service is available wherever Bakcell has 4G LTE network.
  • Special Data SIM card can be used for Internet only.
  • When you change your already subscribed / active package and you wish to subscribe the same package again or subscribe to another one, remaining traffic volume of current package will be deleted.
  • Bakcell modem is provided for service use only. If customer stops using the service, Bakcell will reserve the right to request the device back.