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Special packages
iconSpecial packs
Online work and education
  • /media/uploads/icons/Property_1internet_vmhkGEz.svg
    Internet volume40 GB
Safe internet
  • /media/uploads/icons/Property_1internet_bYYZA5y.svg
    Internet volume10 GB
11 GB
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    Internet volume11 GB
    Internet volume
For data SIM only
iconMore details
For “Safe internet”

“Safe internet” service is provided by Bakcell and Enginet. More than 500 schools across Azerbaijan have already joined this network. Now Safe Internet goes to your home. You can use “Safe Internet” package with any device: mobile phone, tablet or computer

“Safe internet” is filtering data and protects your children from web content that spreads

  • Immorality,
  • Drugs propagandising,
  • Terrorism and violence,
  • Racism and religious confrontation.

Safe Internet is available on 4G LTE network as well. To benefit from high-speed Internet go to “Network Settings” on your phone menu and type in for APN.


  • After 10 GB limit consumed you will be charged 0.05 ₼ per 1MB for additional Internet service.
  • The service Safe Internet is on high speed whole day when the children are active, except for the period 10:00 PM till 02:00 AM when speed drops to 128 kbps.
For "Online work and education"

This package is perfectly designed for Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, Go to Meeting applications.


  • This package can be used only for Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, Go to Meeting apps.
  • After 40 GB limit is consumed, the mobile Internet service will be provided in accordance with the tariff plan on the number.
  • The package is valid for 30 days. After expiration, the package will be renewed automatically.
  • Check internet balance - *100#
  • To deactivate - *434*0#
  • After unsubscribing from internet package, the remaining volume will be removed.

For Bakcell Wi-Fi packs
  • Bakcell Wi-Fi service is available wherever Bakcell has 4G LTE network.
  • Based on technical measures of device and loaded network, Internet speed can reach 150 mbps.
  • Special Data SIM card can be used for Internet only.
  • Bakcell Wi-Fi modem will be customer’s property after full payment. Two types of full payment are available: 99 ₼ for modem + 20 ₼ for Bakcell Wi-Fi 1 package, totally 119 ₼; 99 ₼ for modem + 40 ₼ for Bakcell Wi-Fi 2 package, totally 139 ₼.
  • Extra package may be purchased, when you have main package.
  • When you change your already subscribed / active package and you wish to subscribe the same package again or subscribe to another one, remaining traffic volume of current package will be deleted.
For “Paylaşılan” packs
  • “Paylaşılan” package will be activated within 24 hours after the request. After activation, you will receive an SMS.
  • Every connection of mobile number to “Paylaşılan” package costs 0.50 ₼.
  • After traffic on the package is consumed, all subscribers connected to “Paylaşılan” package will continue to use the internet, but the cost of each 1MB will be 0.05 ₼, and will be deducted from remaining funds on the balance of each subscriber. But if this package is expired, the mobile internet service will not be interrupted. Subscriber will continue to use internet on a pay as you go in accordance with own tariff plan.
  • At most 5 numbers (1 your number + 4 connected numbers) CIN, Klass or internet number can be connected to this package.
  • To check the package balance dial *134#559#.
  • SMS notification about totally consumed traffic of the package will be delivered to the owner of the shared package.
  • Any Bakcell subscriber who has an internet package on balance can get access to Bakcell Wi-Fi and surf the internet for free.
  • After unsubscribing from any internet package, the remaining volume allowance in the package will be removed as well.
For internet SIM cards
  • Enjoy fast speeds of up to 225 Mbps* and flawlessly stream high-end rich media content such as 4K videos, listen to stereo quality music, play graphic-intensive games, and much more on your smartphones or smart TV.
  • If you have a sufficient balance, your Internet package will be renewed automatically after 30 days of subscription.
  • The remaining traffic of packages will be deleted after the expiration of the validity period.
  • After termination of automatic recurring, the remaining traffic of the package will not be deleted and can be used until the expiration of the validity period.
  • If a subscriber has an Internet package and activates a new one, the previous package will be deactivated, but the remaining traffic of package will not be deleted and can be used until expiration of validity period.
  • To know about your Internet only SIM card number – dial *666#.
  • When the internet package is consumed or expired, the mobile internet service will not be interrupted. You will continue to use internet on a pay as you go in accordance with your tariff plan.