20 GB + Unlimited nights & mornings Internet

In order to support you, Bakcell provides unique offer 20GB + UNLIMITED Nights&Mornings Internet bundle for just 25AZN!

Package nameValidityPriceActivation
20 GB +
30 days 25 AZN star444star20hashcall


  • This bundle is not renewed. “Unlimited nights & mornings” Internet is active from 1:00 AM until 10:00 AM.
  • “Unlimited nights & mornings” Internet speed is 2 mbps.
  • Tethering of “Unlimited nights & mornings” Internet is not available.
  • If new Internet bundle is activated over this bundle, the promo bundle will be totally removed.
  • To repurchase this bundle dial star444star1star20hashcall .
  • To deactivate this bundle dial star444star0hashcall . Deactivation will remove “Unlimited nights & mornings” feature and the remaining traffic.