Unlimited calls from regions!

Bakcell offers unlimited calls opportunity for Azerbaijan regions. Now all our subscribers can activate 24 HOURS unlimited calls bundle and talk uninterruptedly from regions with all Bakcell numbers!

  • To activate the bundle just dial star545hashcall .

The daily service is 0.30 AZN.


  • 24 hours unlimited calls are applied to on-net calls and available only from regions.
  • Service fee for off-net calls will be charged according to your tariff.
  • All CIN subscribers (except ƏlaGÜN, Klass and Business) can activate this bundle.
  • If Günboyu0 subscriber activates this bundle, its 0.29 AZN daily fee will be stopped and the bundle’s service fee will be applied.
  • During tariff migration within CIN tariffs the bundle will be kept. After the migration to Klass or Business the bundle will be removed and no service fee for deactivation will be applied.
  • To deactivate the bundle dial star545star0hashcall . The service fee is 0.50 AZN.
  • The fair usage policy is applied to this bundle and 500 minutes daily quota is allocated for on-net calls. When 500 minutes are consumed, the service fee will be charged according to your tariff.
  • On-net charging interval is 60 seconds.