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    More clear, constant, and faster connection
    Crystal-clear voice call quality
    Faster call connection
    Use 4G while enjoying better phone call
    High technology for the same price
    What do you need?
    VoLTE compatible device
    4G SIM card
    4G network coverage
    Activate the service
    Enabling VoLTE
    To enable VoLTE on your smartphone, see the details below:
    Step 1.
    Go to "Settings"
    Step 2.
    Select "Connections"
    Step 3.
    "Select Mobile" networks
    Step 4.
    Switch on VoLTE
    Check compatibility with VoLTE
    Enter your device model
      What is VoLTE?

      VoLTE is the latest voice technology. It allows you to enjoy fastest connection, clear voice quality, uninterrupted internet during phone call.

      Where VoLTE network is available?

      You can benefit from VoLTE wherever you have a 4G network.

      What mobile devices is VoLTE compatible with?
      The list of mobile devices supporting VoLTE can be checked on the website.
      What is the fee of a VoLTE call?

      No extra charge is applied to VoLTE. Incoming and outgoing calls are charged according to the terms of your tariff plan.

      Is SMS available in the VoLTE network?

      Yes, sending and receiving SMS is available as usual.

      What happens if the VoLTE network goes down?

      During the transition from VoLTE to 3G/2G, your call will continue without interruption, and the sound quality will be like in the 3G/2G network.

      Is there a difference between VoLTE and 3G/2G calls?

      The Voice quality of VoLTE is much higher than 3G/2G networks. When a VoLTE subscriber makes a call, the connection is placed in 1.5-2 sec.

      Does VoLTE consume the internet?

      No. Internet is not consumed, and charging is not applied during VoLTE calling. Thanks to VoLTE you just enjoy uninterrupted internet during phone call.

      Is VoLTE available in roaming?

      VoLTE technology is available within Azerbaijan. VoLTE is not available in roaming.

      Is my SIM card VoLTE compatible?

      Volte is available on all sim cards which support LTE. To check it, dial *303#.

      How do I know if the call is in the VoLTE network?

      Depending on the mobile device model, during a call, you will see a VoLTE icon in the upper right corner of the screen - it means that the call is being made in the VoLTE network.

      Does VoLTE cover only Baku city?

      The service is provided all over the country. You can benefit from VoLTE wherever you have a 4G network.

      Does VoLTE support the “Be my guest” service?

      VoLTE technology temporarily does not support the “Be my guest” service.

      Does VoLTE provide high quality visual for video calls?

      VoLTE is the latest voice technology. It allows you to enjoy clear voice quality.

      Deactivation of VoLTE.

      To deactivate the VoLTE service, please dial *303#1# and turn off the VoLTE network on the menu of your mobile device.