Weekly packages

If you do not want to limit yourself with the daily internet traffic, our weekly internet packages are for you. Just pick one of our weekly internet packages and enjoy a tension-free high speed browsing for the entire week. You can surf, watch videos, chat in the social media and download your favorite songs and other stuff because you have a lot of MBs for the entire week at a very affordable price.

Any Bakcell subscriber who has Internet package on balance can get access to Bakcell Wi-Fi in more than 200 points in Baku and surf Internet for free.

Package volumePriceActivation
Weekly 300 MB2 AZN/week star444star300hashcall
Weekly 600 MB3 AZN/week star444star600hashcall
  • Weekly Internet packages are valid during 7 days. This package is not recurring automatically.
  • When allocated traffic is consumed, internet will be stopped and you will be directed to special landing page, where few options are offered for your actions.
  • To check balance of Internet packages dial star444hashcall
  • To renew Internet packages dial star444star555hashcall
  • To deactivate Internet packages dial star444star0hashcall
  • The Internet package will be deleted as soon as incoming and outgoing calls are blocked in number.
  • If customer unsubscribes from any active bundles or if they subscribe to a different bundle, remaining volume allowance in that bundle will be available until expiration of the bundle.