Klass postpaid XL offers

  • 250

  • 1000

  • Free

Main benefits

  • freedom to pay monthly fee
  • credit limit for constant communication

Additional benefits

  • Call to 555 – FREE
  • Check balance *100#YES – FREE
  • Ulduzum

Klass postpaid XL

Klass XL
Monthly fee includes
Monthly fee 10 AZN
Countrywide calls 250minutes
Countrywide Internet 1000 МВ
WhatsApp texting FREE
Charging interval for countrywide calls 60 seconds
When minutes and Internet traffic within the tariff are consumed the service fee will be as follow:
Countrywide calls (per minute) 0.06 AZN
International calls (per minute) 0.32 AZN
Countrywide SMS 0.03 AZN
International SMS 0.10 AZN
Internet 100 MB 0.89 AZN*
Charging interval for countrywide calls 60 seconds
Charging interval for international calls 30 seconds
Charging interval for roaming calls 1 minute
  • Free WhatsApp includes text messaging.
  • When you send picture, audio, video and other files by WhatsApp you will be charged from your Internet balance.
  • All calls to 101, 102, 103, 104, 199, 186, 112, 152, 161 are free. Minutes provided within the package can’t be used for other short numbers.
  • Starting from 13.11.2020 in order to browse Internet in Turkey, you need to purchase Roaming Internet bundle.

*During the validity period, when allocated traffic is consumed, "High speed" service will be activated on Internet packages. In this time 100 MB will be added on your balance just for 89 qepiks. This amount will be charged from the funds on your balance. If your balance is lower than 89 qepiks the connection speed of Internet will drop down to 64kbps, but not terminated. To terminate automatic deduction of 89 qepiks from your balance dial *445*0#YES.

From June 4, 2021, when the bonus Internet package within the tariff is consumed, and if there is no additional internet package, the mobile internet service will not be interrupted for subscribers who use this tariff. There will be applied the service fee 0.02 AZN per megabyte on pay as you go.

Where can I buy postpaid Klass XL tariff?

Activation of this tariff is terminated.

Check balance

In order to check balance dial *100#YES. The service is free of charge.

The post call notification is activated by default. If you want to deactivate post call notification dial *506#0#YES. In order to reactivate the post call notification dial *506#YES.

Your Internet traffic consumed and you need more Internet?

When allocated Internet traffic is consumed, Internet speed will be dropped to 64 kbps. In order to continue to benefit from high-speed Internet you can purchase Sür@ Internet packages. More information about Internet packages is HERE.

Information about my tariff

To get details about your tariff dial *555#YES or SMS “XL FAKTURALI” to 2220.

How long can I use benefits included in the Klass tariff?

The monthly benefits included in package are valid within 1 month.

If minutes consumed earlier than 1 month

You can benefit from discounted prices on pay as you go rate till the end of the validity period.

Free WhatsApp

Free WhatsApp includes text messaging. When you send picture, audio, video and other files by WhatsApp or use other services of the application you will be charged from your Internet balance. If your Internet balance is consumed or your balance is 0 AZN, you can still send/receive text messages by WhatsApp for free.

FREE Wi-Fi from Bakcell

Klass subscriber will get FREE access to Bakcell Wi-Fi network, when pay service fee in time. More detailed information about FREE Bakcell Wi-Fi network is HERE.