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    I Am Back

    “I Am Back” service alerts callers that tried to reach an unavailable Bakcell customer about his/her appearance in the network. When a called Bakcell customer becomes available in the network, service will send an SMS notification to all Bakcell customers that have tried to reach him/her during the unavailability period.


    • “I Am Back” service will be activated by default for all customers who activated “I called you: Unavailable” service. It means:
    • Unavailable called party after appearance in the network will receive “I Called You” alerts about all missed calls.

    All calling customers will receive “I Am Back” alerts about called party appearance in the network.

    All new customers activating the “I called you: Unavailable” service will activate “I Am Back” service by default. If a customer deactivates the “I Called You” service “I Am Back” service will also be deactivated. After “I Called You” service reactivation “I Am Back” service will be also reactivated.

    Customers can deactivate tracking of their appearance in the network and sending “I Am Back” alerts to other customers by dialing *159#552# on their phone.

    Activation/Reactivation of tracking could be done by the same request *159#552#.

    Service alerts

    Customers will receive SMS alerts about called party’s appearance in the network with the number of called party in “Sender” field of the SMS. This will enable easy matching of called party’s number with records in subscriber’s handsets’ phone book and easy redial to the called party using handset function “Make call to SMS sender”.

    Additional commands

    Service fee

    • Service activation/deactivation/reactivation is free of charge.