Daily packages

Pick one of our affordable daily internet packages and stay connected for as low as 0.50 AZN a day. These packages are designed for those who want to enjoy high-speed internet all day with a small daily payment.

Any Bakcell subscriber who has an Internet package on balance can get access to Bakcell Wi-Fi in more than 200 points in Baku and surf the Internet for free.

Package volumePriceActivation
Daily 100 MB 0.50 AZN/day *444*100#
Daily 250 MB 0.75 AZN/day *444*250#
Daily 500 MB 1 AZN/day *444*501#
  • Daily Internet packages are valid till the end of a day and automatically recur every day.
  • To check the balance of Internet packages, dial *444#
  • To renew Internet packages, dial *444*555#
  • To deactivate Internet packages, dial *444*0#
  • The Internet package will be deleted as soon as incoming and outgoing calls are blocked in number.
  • If your balance is insufficient to pay the daily fee, the Internet package will not be deleted, and the daily subscription fee will be deducted from the balance after the next top-up.
  • If a customer unsubscribes from any active bundles or if they subscribe to a different bundle, the remaining volume allowance in that bundle will be available until the expiration of the bundle.
  • When the internet package is consumed or expired, the mobile internet service will not be interrupted. You will continue to use the internet on a pay as you go in accordance with your tariff plan.

ARCHIVE - Daily Internet packages