Daily packages

Pick one of our affordable daily internet packages and stay connected for as low as 0.50 AZN a day. These packages are designed for those who want to enjoy high speed internet all day with a small daily payment.

Any Bakcell subscriber who has Internet package on balance can get access to Bakcell Wi-Fi in more than 200 points in Baku and surf Internet for free.

Package volumePriceActivation
Daily 100 MB0.50 AZN/day star444star100hashcall
Daily 250 MB0.75 AZN/day star444star250hashcall
Daily 500 MB1 AZN/day star444star501hashcall
  • Daily Internet packages are valid till the end of a day and automatically recurring every day.
  • When daily allocated traffic is consumed, internet will be stopped.
  • To check balance of Internet packages dial star444hashcall
  • To renew Internet packages dial star444star555hashcall
  • To deactivate Internet packages dial star444star0hashcall
  • The Internet package will be deleted as soon as incoming and outgoing calls are blocked in number.
  • If your balance is insufficient to pay daily fee, the Internet package will not be deleted, and daily subscription fee will be deducted from balance after the next top-up.
  • If customer unsubscribes from any active bundles or if they subscribe to a different bundle, remaining volume allowance in that bundle will be available until expiration of the bundle.

ARCHIVE - Daily Internet packages